Report: Stafford To Lions A "Done Deal"

With a plan to unveil its new logo on Monday, the Detroit Lions might also showcase the new face of the franchise: Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford. Recent internet rumors and new information paint Stafford as Detroit's guy. Much more inside, including potential contract parameters.

If there wasn't such a consensus behind the idea, one would have to take the latest Matthew Stafford-to-Detroit nugget with a grain of salt.

But there might be some credence to Tuesday's report that claims the elite Georgia prospect and the Detroit Lions have finalized a contract.

According to PFT's Mike Florio, "Stafford is telling his former Bulldog teammates that he'll be (Detroit's) pick, and that he'll receive more than $40 million, guaranteed, under the contract that the team will pay him."

Florio even claimed that Stafford told his collegiate teammates that it was a "done deal."

On Wednesday,, along with's Chris Steuber, were told by sources that the Lions had elected to spend its No. 1 overall pick on Stafford.

One source even suggested that there was a difference in opinion between the coaching staff (who prefer USC's Mark Sanchez) and Detroit's front office, which would be eerily similar to the 2001 drafting of Joey Harrington.

At that time, Detroit's front office intervened, forcing the team to select Harrington, despite the wishes of head coach Marty Mornhinweg. Mornhinweg and Harrington never clicked, and the rest is (bad) history.

This time around, however, any contrast on Detroit's draft board between the two quarterbacks would be very subtle. Many in league circles along with outside draft prognosticators don't feel the team could go wrong if Stafford is the pick, and it can be assumed that Detroit's scouting department feels the same.

Following up on PFT's number of $40 million "guaranteed," was also told that the deal with Stafford would likely span six-years, with a figure that could reach $70 million.

The Lions aren't barred from announcing the deal at any time. And if Stafford becomes the pick, Detroit could make quite the marketing splash during Monday's unveiling of its new logo and simultaneously announcing Stafford as the future face of the franchise.

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