Schwartz Determines Starting QB; But Whom?

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz knows the answer to the million dollar question, but isn't sharing.

If this were multiple choice, Jim Schwartz would pencil in the answer: 

Not telling.

The Lions head coach teased the media following Tuesday's practice, confirming that he did know who would start Saturday's preseason tilt against the Atlanta Falcons. But that doesn't necessarily mean he has to tell anyone.

"I’m not going to announce it until probably later this week," said Schwartz, who added that he hasn't even discussed the decision with the team -- or even the quarterback. "We’ve already decided who we’re going to go with, but don’t read anything into that – please."

Rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford has been the most impressive of quarterbacks, but the Lions like veteran Daunte Culpepper's experience at the helm. And while Schwartz's remarks indicate that the game's starting QB won't be annointed anything further, it's certainly a clue.

If training camp repetitions (and subsequent reports) have been indicative, Stafford would appear as the front-runner.

Schwartz said he would reveal the starter when it was most appropriate.

"I don’t want them concentrating on Atlanta yet," he said. "We have too much work to do out here. All the sudden if I start saying who going to play with the first group who’s going to rotate through, who’s doing this and everything else, then we don’t come out there and have practice like this, and our focus need to be today, it needs to be tomorrow it won’t be until Thursday that we work on any Falcons things out here.

"I don’t want to introduce that distraction or dynamic to the players until it’s time for that to happen.”

Schwartz did say that regardless of who does start, each quarterback would rotate with each of the team's offensive units in effort to establish chemistry.

Said Schwartz, "We’re going to try to get them as many reps we can and we’ll try to switch the order during different preseason games all with an idea of getting them playing with different groups of people and getting them evaluated under similar circumstances.”

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