They Said It: Lions Post-Game Quotes

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and quarterback Matthew Stafford share their post-game commentary following Saturday's loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Post-game quotes provided by the Cleveland Browns media relations department

LIONS QUARTERBACK MATTHEW STAFFORD (5-of-13, 34 yards, one interception)

On both the loss, and his subpar performance: “Obviously a tough loss, we don’t want to play that way, especially myself.  I’m learning from every situation I get in.  We’ll bounce back, we’ll be alright.”

On what he'll learn from the contest: “That’s the way football is, you play good some weeks, and you play bad some weeks.  The tough part about preseason is you get your allotted amount of plays, you can have a bad 20 to 25 plays and not have a chance to come back and fix it and make things right in the second half.  But that’s what the preseason is for.  I thought the other guys came in and played really well.  I thought Daunte played well and Drew especially played really well, so I’m happy for those guys.”

On first-quarter interception: “Yeah it was a 7, a corner route and a crosser coming around, and the corner turned and ran with the 7, so I took my eyes off the 7.  Right as I did that, he peeled off the 7 and saw the crosser coming back and turned back inside.  It was a good play by him.”

On what he might have done differently: “I don’t know, maybe stretched it a little bit further kept my eyes on him maybe one more step, you know if I’d have seen him peel, I could have probably thrown the 7 but it was kind of a bang-bang thing.  He made a great play. It was instinct for him. He did a great job of just feeling boot and knowing there was going to be a crosser coming. He did a good job stepping in front.”

On his struggles: “Yeah, our whole team really didn’t get in rhythm much tonight, and that’s on us as players to do a better job.  I thought we had a good game plan coming in, and we just didn’t play well on any side of the ball.”

Whether or not his "confidence" was shaken: “No, I’ve had games like this before.  I’m one of those guys that wants to be out there right now on the practice field making things right, but we’ve got to sit around and think about it tomorrow and then get out there on Monday and go back to work.  The name of this game is getting back out there.”

Whether or not the game hurt his chance of starting: “No.  I’m going to battle week in and week out whether I’m starting day one or not. I’m going to be putting pressure on whoever is the starter for as long as I’m here trying to get in.”


Opening Statement: “Last week I sat in a different room and said they don’t put preseason wins on your tombstone or your resume, and as an organization, that’s true. They don’t put preseason losses on your tombstone as an organization. One point I just made to the players in the locker room is that, as a player, your performance in a preseason game gets put on your resume and your tombstone. We’re going to look very hard at this tape from this standpoint: when you’re in position, did you make the play? The players need to take accountability for fumbles, dropped passes, missed tackles and assignment errors. We’re not going to put up with those things as a coaching staff or an organization. We owe it to everyone to put a good product on the field, and when the players are in good position, they need to be able to make those plays. We started the game off poorly. Cribbs is a good returner, but there’s no reason to start the game the way we did on special teams. It’s a work in progress, and we’re going to find out who can tackle and who can’t. That’s going to be a major criteria for making this team.” 

Most disappointing aspect of loss: “The missed opportunities, the dropped passes, the missed tackles, the fumbles, those kind of things. We can’t start the game that way. We ended up recovering and started to battle through a little bit, and then we had a chance until the 80 yard run there at the end. There was a lot to be disappointed with in that first quarter."

On Stafford: “He wasn’t in rhythm. That first interception he held it too long and let the corner slough off. He had a guy open for a touchdown, and he was probably too quick on that one. As an offense, we had a hard time finding a rhythm. We didn’t run the ball especially well. We had way too many dropped passes. I don’t know how many times we had first downs, and all of a sudden, a ball was dropped and we’re sitting in third and long. That being said, I think we did a decent job converting some third downs in this game, but we left way too many plays on the field from a dropped pass and a fumble standpoint.” 

Which unit struggled the most: “It was a total team performance. This loss isn’t going on one particular group. There’s enough to spread around in this game.” 

Pregame Fight Between Dewayne White/Carson Butler: “I don’t know if this was a good sign or a bad sign. I’d never seen that before. The thing I liked about it was that they were competitive and they were going hard. I said, ‘Some of you all thought the game started at seven o’clock instead of seven-thirty.’ Obviously, that’s something that shouldn’t happen and something that will be addressed, actually has already been addressed, but like I said, something inside of me was saying that these guys were that ready to hit somebody, that we were going that hard. I’ve been in pregame warm-ups where nobody would hit anybody and they were just trying to get through and make it to the game. We can look at it in a lot of different ways.”

On QB Competition:  “I haven’t decided (a starter) yet. We’ll decide that when we have time to digest this one. There’s going to be a lot of work that goes into this one. We’ll go back to work on Monday. We’re not going to concentrate on Indianapolis. It’s not like we’re coming out on Monday and gameplanning and turning the page. We’re coming back and working. I need to see that from the players. We need to go back to training camp. We need to get that done. Then, later in the week, we will start moving forward for Indy and start finalizing our plans for that game. We have a lot of work to do and we can’t get too far from training camp.”


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