Atticus Speaks: Before I Read Yours ...

Lions fan AtticusSpeaks shares his take on Detroit's season opening loss at New Orleans. And as disappointing as it might have been, most people should have saw it coming ...

AtticusSpeaks is a long-time member and Lions fan, who regularly posts in The Den message board, a gathering place for Lions fans. Interact Now.

First -- few can be surprised. Still, how familiar was this meltdown?

  • Career games for Mike Bell and Drew Brees.
  • A defense that mistackled constantly.
  • A defense that got no pressure -- even when it blitzed.
  • A defense that had guys way out of position -- Foote covering Bush 25 yards down the field? Sounds like Marinelli.
  • A defense that can't stop the TE.
  • A run game that can't get it done against what will likely be a very mediocre run defense.
  • An OL where guys make the crucial mistake at that crucial time. Jeff Backus is a specialist at jumping early -- in crunch moments. Daniel Loper seems to take after him.
  • Unsportsman penalties here and there.
  • Special teams that gave them two short fields to begin the game -- leading to a 14-0 deficit.
  • A 14-0 start (aka: a head start). For them.


Look, we know it was the Saints. They scored six TDs on us last year; they score lots on everyone.

We DID get my key to the game -- Saints handing us the ball. Thank you. But it wasn't enough. We still had to control the ball some, and we didn't.

Matthew Stafford? Jury remains out on him. I remain confident.

I predicted a 38-10 loss, so we did marginally better than that.

Grade? F

But it's just Game 1.

We understood it would start like this (most of us). And it did. But it was disheartening nonetheless. Just way too much deja vu for me.

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