Lions Win, Fans React!

Lions fans rejoiced on Sunday after the team snapped a 19-game losing skid in their win against the Washington Redskins. Fan reactions from The Den message board inside!

The following comments are from The Den Message Board, the most active Detroit Lions community on the internet. To share your own thoughts from the game, read more reactions, or join other Lions-related discussions, click here!


  • I can finally go to work on Monday and hold my head up!  It is done, finished, over.  Bye Jim Zorn, Good Luck in your next job, sorry you had to be the coach on the other side. - GOJOE06
  • End 19 game losing streak. Begin 19 game winning streak. - goosecat
  • It's a HUGE monkey off the back of the fans, players, coaches, and ownership. I'm glad it's over and now they can focus on winning gameSSS instead of just getting one. - Wildcat67
  • Just want to say thanks to Schwartz for sticking with Stafford and tell the media to get off his back. Schwartz has improved this defense dramatically since last season and keep up the good work but i still want you to draft Eric Berry! Sign Calvin Johnson to an extension and keep the wins coming. Great coaching today. - ARJANTIS
  • It is just amazing the sence of pride we Lions fans have been deprived of for so long. Victory of the Week. - AustinLionFan
  • Huge win!  The streak is finally over!  YES!  It's pathetic but it feels like we just won the Super Bowl. I liked seeing Foote pour the bottled water on Schwartz in the locker room.  At least the players are keeping it in perspective. - lionsbloodNW
  • We as Lions fans take a lot of heat no matter where we go. We're along way from respectability but we're on the right track. We bleed Lions blue and silver around these parts. - gdetg
  • I haven't tasted beer this good in 21 months. - iTopher
  • Great job Lions! You played well, fought hard, and got the W. Not just the Lions, but Detroit as a city needed this win. We can now have hope! Bring on Chicago! - QuirinusObsidian
  • I have been a fan of this team since the 80's, member here for something like 9 years, a moderator for at least three years. I've poured my sweat and tears into this team, and I don't think that I have every felt this positive about the future. - WinnipegFan
  • I know it only makes the Lions 1-2, but there were a lot of tears from Lions fans today. If nothing else-the eternal Lions fans hope is back! - LucciLions
  • I live in Montana and was lucky enough to have a local Irish pub carry the games weekly on NFL Ticket. Behind me to the left was a Redskins fan I frequently talked to during the game, he didn't have too much to jaw about. There were moments of butterflies and loud cheers that brought me to my feet. 

    From :56 on I stood up and paced around, I started to tremble a bit as the Redskins drove down the field. It was down to :08 seconds, lateral...lateral...I started to get a sick feeling the "same ole Lions" would appear, they didn't, a solid tackle was made and the clock ticked to :00! My eyes watered a bit as I threw my fists up high. I got a "good game" from the Skins fan and random pats on the back. It was a good day. - StangFreak483
  • Have a drink, do the toast and be happy and enjoy the start of a new age in Detroit. This was a game we should have won and we did. Now it i sown to Chicago and time for a division win. Go Lions, Here comes the Roar. - lionskickarse
  • A great victory that emphasizes the new beginning this franchise was striving for.  Congratulations to Schwartz, Stafford, and the entire Lions team, coaching staff, and front office.  You've brought a little hope back to all of the fans. - GreggyJ
  • You guys (the media) have been laughing it up at the lion's expense for quite a long time, but jim schwartz and his coaching staff are developing the start of something good here in Detroit.  we're getting better every week and not taking steps backwards anymore.  we've got a lot of rookies that are contributing in a major way this year which is to say we had a good draft.   lets wait and see how we do the rest of the season.  there will be growing pains but i think next year is the magical year for the lions.

    also, i'd like to add that if you guys have any guts, you'll call out commissioner Goodell and the NFL for blacking this historical game out in Detroit - a city with 30% unemployment where people are looking for something to grasp on to and where expensive NFL tickets are hard to come by.  We live for our lions up here.  The game you guys all played and loved is becoming nothing more than a money machine.  Shame on the commish.   Put some love back into the game and the fans that pay your bills. - MountLion
  • I just want the media people out there to know that the Lions never gave up throughout this horrible streak. I want them to finally give us some props instead using us for a punchline! - sid11
  • Maybe Ford finally made a good personnel choice with Mayhew (and Schwartz).  They really do seem to be fixing this thing. - 59to14
  • I was out at a bar here in Florida, and that last play of the game: 4th down with :08 seconds left to play was a memory I will never forget! A large portion of the bar was counting down the time like it was New Years Eve!! 8.... 7.... 6......5......4.....3.....2.....1!!! Everyone was cheering and congratulating us even though they weren't lions fans! Absolutely huge win. - easethepain
  • There is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. After 8 years of bungling by Matt Millen, it finally looks like the Lions have some players who can be our future!! - SamHayne
  • Relief. - VanZant
  • At least for today, I believe that after everything this team and its fans have been through the feelings from this single victory can only be compared to those that other teams and their fans have felt from winning the Super Bowl. - asarcasticclown
  • Not only I am happy as a fan, I am happy for our players. To fail at your work everyday must be hell. - a2lion
  • Schwartz said it best, this should not be a big deal. These guys need to learn to expect to win. Hopefully he will teach them. Great day for Lion's fans - gfsbatman1
  • Between the last Lions win Dec 23, 2007 and today:
    - I turned 25 & 26 and my car insurance went down.
    - I got a new job.
    - I bought a house.
    - I have a baby on the way.

    I won't mind if less happens between now and their next win. - Raintrain34

The above comments are from The Den Message Board, the most active Detroit Lions community on the internet. To share your own thoughts from the game, read more reactions, or join other Lions-related discussions, click here!

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