Burleson: Lions Will Have Most-Respected WRs

Nate Burleson issued a warning to division rivals and opponents in 2010: the team's receiving core isn't to be trifled with. More quotes from Burleson, coach Jim Schwartz, an update on Ndamukong Suh, and more as the Lions prepare for a new week of training camp.

Nate Burleson doesn't dream small.

The eight-year veteran, signed in the early hours of free-agency this off-season, understands that his primary role is to support a player commonly referred to as "Megatron" -- and not only is he OK with the idea, he has some grand plans.

"I'll speak for (Calvin Johnson). I'll be his buddy, his sidekick and his promoter," said the speedy Burleson, who has turned in an impressive training camp thus far. "He has just about every tool you can have -- height, speed, strength, the ability to jump.

"He's the closest thing to Randy Moss, and in my eyes, Randy Moss is one of the biggest threats in NFL history."

The Lions have used Burleson on the outside and inside thus far in camp. Detroit will look to take advantage of Burleson's speed on a myriad of different routes, mostly to draw attention away from Johnson, who was a magnet for double and triple coverages a season ago.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz is looking forward to the duo's red zone capability. In particular, though, Burleson's fearless ability to exploit the middle of the field.

"Nate Burleson has really good quickness and tremendous courage – there's not many wide receivers in the NFL that have the courage that Nate has to go across the middle and you need that when you're down in the red zone," he said.

If all goes to plan, Burleson has lofty goals for the productivity of the team's new tandem.

He even followed it up with a prediction.

"Obviously, people are gonna talk about the one-two punch, but I want to be the best receiving corps in the NFL," he said. "My goal is to come in and make enough plays to where Calvin will get more single coverage and (No. 3 recevier) Bryant (Johnson) will make plays. You hear about T.O. (Terrell Owens) and Chad Johnson (Chad Ochocinco) in Cincinnati. I'm gonna say firsthand, we will be the most-respected receiving corps after it's all said and done."

More camp Notes:

The Lions practiced on Sunday, a day where many teams gave their players a much needed rest. Said Schwartz, "There are times in camp where you've got to really step on the gas and there's other times where you need to ease off a little bit and that's the coaching staff's job and the player's is to go out and practice hard every day."

Schwartz on Ndamukong Suh's Progress: "He had a good day of practice yesterday. I thought he practiced well today. His final determination isn't going be either one of those. He's going to have to be consistent at putting more and more of those together. He's a good enough player to do it. He caught up pretty quick.

"Now you're seeing him really start to hit his stride. He's a little bit behind everyone else but he's gaining ground pretty quickly."

Suh is part of another Detroit tandem that everyone in Allen Park is excited to see leave a mark on the remainder of the league. Suh will pair with fellow defensive tackle Corey Williams, who flourished in the same defensive philosophy with Green Bay two years ago.

"(Corey's) really a big man. He's a heavy man –- heavy meaning balanced," said Schwartz. "He can anchor in there and he can get that pocket moving, not just a slug in there. He's a big man that can move. Corey's experienced and he's excited. He's been working really hard also.

"I like the signs of what we've seen in training camp but again, we'll reserve ‘happy' until we play games that count and we start playing good defense around here."

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