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NFL Draft

Kyle Boller may be rising out of the Packers' reach, and Florida's Rex Grossman's stock may have fallen out of the first round. If it's back to the drawing board for the Packers in their quest for a future QB, there's a "hometown boy" who is getting notice as a possible sleeper in this year's draft.<P>

Wisconsin QB Brooks Bollinger made a splash at Wisconsin's pro day earlier this month, according to scouts. He ran better than he did at the combine (4.71) and had a 32-inch vertical jump.

Wisconsin offensive coordinator Brian White, a former Harvard QB, said Bollinger's stock is rising. Bollinger, one of just seven players in college football history to have won 30 or more games in his career as a starting quarterback. White pointed out Bollinger's long list of qualifications:" leadership, smarts, good feet, all the intangibles you want," and predicts Bollinger will be a starting QB in the NFL.

Also making an impression at the Badgers' pro day, attended by Green Bay offensivel line coach Larry Beightol:

Center Al Johnson ran 4.99 and 5.01, had a 32-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot long jump. He lifted 18 times and ran a 4.38 in the short shuttle… tackle Ben Johnson ran 5.36 and had a 28-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot long jump. According to reports, he didn't lift since he benched 30 times at the combine. CB B.J. Tucker again showcased his speed. At the combine he ran 4.38, while he turned in a 4.32 at Pro Day. He vertical-jumped 34 inches, 3.98 short shuttle, 10-7 in the long jump.

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