Pro Day notes

Here are reports by Mike Frank of Irish Eyes, Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview and Tom Beaver of Go Blue Wolverine on recent Pro Days held on the campuses of Notre Dame, Florida State and Michigan.<p>

Pro Day in South Bend

Sean Mahan worked out at Indy and performed very well. Since he was very happy with his results (as were all the clubs expressing interest in him), he did not participate in any combine drills at ND's Pro Day (March 19). He DID work out with the other offensive lineman (including snapping and shotgun snapping), and all the feedback was positive. He measured 6' 3 1/4" and weighed a little over 302 lbs. today. He will be performing offensive line drills at the March 26 Pro Day at the request of a number of o-line coaches.

Arnaz Battle participated in the 40 and drastically improved his time from the combine ... he had a 4.43 best and 4.46 average, long jump (10-foot-1) and vertical jump (34-inch). He also caught the ball well in the receiver drills and fielded punts outside for several scouts/coaches ... didn't drop a ball. He measured 6' 1 1/2" and 210 lbs. Safety Ron Israel (street FA, '02 undrafted rookie w/ Washington Redskins) returned to campus and worked out extremely well. His 40 times averaged in the high 4.4s (don't have numbers yet), he posted a 4.00 short shuttle, a 6.95 3-cone, 20 reps on the bench, a 10-foot-4 long jump and a 35-inch vertical. He measured 6' 1" and 205 lbs. He's got a visit scheduled next week with the Broncos (postponed from today due to weather). As you may or may not know, ALL ND Pro Day drills take place on turf, including the 40-yard-dash. Therefore, no time is added or deducted for comparison purposes to the national scouting combine in Indy.

Jeff Faine impressed weighing in at 6-3/298 and turning in a 4.9 40-yard dash, 36-inch vertical jump, 10-foot long jump, 25 reps on the bench press, 4.28 short shuttle, and 7.16 cone drill. Florida State Pro Day

The second major Pro Day in the state of Florida took place earlier this week as scouts moved north to Tallahassee, timing and measuring the draft eligible Seminoles. While this year's timing event was not as highly anticipated as it has been in previous years there were several solid performances.

The highlight of the day was receiver Talman Gardner, who improved his combine time by more than one-tenth of a second running a 4.32 at 209-pounds. Anquan Boldin improved from what was a woeful performance in Indianapolis but was still slow clocking a 4.58 40-yard dash.

Several offensive linemen from the Seminole roster showed well for scouts. Todd Williams moved his 342-pound frame to a 5.04 after completing 31-repitiions on the bench then extended to a 33-inch vertical jump. The other Williams, Brett, improved his combine time almost .2 clocking a 5.08 but only completed 24 reps at 225-pounds on the bench. Montrae Holland looked ordinary with a 5.17 40, weighing 326-pounds. His vertical of 28-inches was also not impressive.

The surprise of the group may have been Otis Duhart. The former FSU guard was injured most of his senior campaign in 2001 and went undrafted April of 2002. Looking for a job, Duhart was impressive running a 5.17 and turning in 31-reps on the bench.

Another top performance was turned in by oft-injured defensive tackle Eric Powell. Originally set to graduate last April, Powell received a medical redshirt after missing the final 10-games of the 2001 season. The defensive tackle ran a 4.60 weighing 268 pounds then turned in a 38-inch vertical jump.

Alonzo Jackson again was unimpressive. Known as a speed rusher, Jackson could only top a 4.75 40 and completed just 15 reps on the bench, one more than his combine total.

Nick Maddox, OJ Jackson and Malcolm Tatum also preformed for scouts.

Michigan Pro Day

Michigan's draft eligible players were timed and measured March 14 during Michigan Pro Day.

Ronald Bellamy posted an average of 4.45 sec. for his 40's (4.42 was his fastest). He had a 35-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-11 long jump. He ran the short shuttle (20-yard) in 4.05 sec. and the three-cone drill in 6.86 sec.

Charles Drake averaged 4.40 sec. for his 40's (4.38 was his fastest) and ran a 4.39 sec. short shuttle (20-yard) and 7.11 in the three-cone drill. He had a 32-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-7 long jump.

Cato June ran a 4.60 sec. 40, but pulled up with a leg injury so he couldn't run again. He didn't do the vertical or long jump. He ran a 4.09 sec. short shuttle (20-yard), a 7.14 sec. in the three-cone drill, and benched 225 lbs. 23 times.

B.J. Askew worked out with a broken left hand that was in a cast. He posted a 4.60 sec. average (4.57 was his fastest) for his 40s, had a 35-inch vertical jump, and a 10-foot-1 long jump. He ran a 4.13 sec. in the short shuttle (20-yard) and 6.84 sec. in the three-cone drill.

Julius Curry ran once (4.57 sec.) then pulled up lame. He benched 225 lbs. 31 times and had a 34-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-8 long jump.

Victor Hobson averaged 4.60 sec. for his 40's (4.58 was his fastest). He ran a 4.20 sec. short shuttle (20-yard) and 7.09 sec. on the three-cone drill.

Bennie Joppru averaged 4.78 for his 40's (4.74 was his fastest). He had a 30-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-3 long jump, and was timed at 4.50 sec. in the short shuttle (20-yard) and 7.31 in the three-cone drill.

Dave Petruziello averaged 5.32 sec. for his 40's.

Brandon Williams averaged 4.4 sec. in the 40 (4.37 was his fastest), 4.31 sec. in the short shuttle and 7.18 sec. in the three-cone drill. He had a 37-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot long jump.

Shantee Orr was timed at 4.8 and 4.6 secs. in two 40 heats. He did an outstanding 4.0 sec. shuttle, and a good 6.9 cone drill. He also did 28 reps of 225 lbs. Ouimet: "I'm sure he impressed scouts. He also has tremendous wing span."

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