Jennings Not Spooked by Revis

The marquee matchup of the Halloween clash will be the Jets' All-Pro cornerback, Darrelle Revis, vs. the Packers' big-play wide receiver, Greg Jennings. Revis' reputation is well-deserved (wait until you see these numbers) but Jennings is embracing the challenge.

Revis Island ...

Greg Jennings, wearing a playful smile, whispers those words in a pseudo-scary sort of way after answering a question about the Green Bay Packers' Halloween matchup against cornerback Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets.

Jennings, in fact, was very much in the Halloween spirit on Wednesday. He's certainly not scared about his battle against one of the NFL's elite defensive players.

"Trick-or-treat," Jennings said, interrupting himself while giving a serious answer about Revis. "I'm not even bringing a bucket. We're coming with pillowcases. We're trying to take as much candy home as possible. We're all trying to come back with smiles. You can't come home with no candy."

Not surprisingly, Revis wouldn't say whether the Jets' game plan had him shadowing Jennings or if he'd simply line up at left cornerback and cover whoever lines up in front of him. Given his history, though, the assumption is it will be No. 24 against No. 85 for most of Sunday's game.

"Great team, offensively and defensively," Revis said. "Aaron (Rodgers is) one of the best in the league. He can make every throw. He's a scrambler as well, too. The receiving corps — Greg Jennings, (James) Jones, Donald Driver, those guys are a great receiver corps. We've got to play tight on those guys."

Jennings, after a slow start, is getting back on track. After a breakout game of six catches for 133 yards and a touchdown against Miami, Jennings caught six passes for 74 yards and a touchdown against Minnesota. Jennings' five touchdown receptions are tied for sixth in the NFL. His 33 career touchdown catches have covered an average of 33.8 yards, and his 22 receptions of 40-plus yards since 2007 tops the NFL charts.

On the other side of the line of scrimmage is Revis, whose nickname of Revis Island comes because the Jets never roll coverage his direction.

Jets coach Rex Ryan is the master of hyperbole but he was being a straight-shooter when he said Revis had one of the finest seasons a cornerback has ever had last season. Officially, Revis was credited with 31 passes defensed (the Jets had him down for 34), which is the most in the NFL since 1994.

How's this for being a shutdown corner: Revis went one-on-one against 11 receivers who ranked in the top 50 in the NFL in catches last season. Houston's Andre Johnson (101 catches) was limited to four catches for 35 yards. Indianapolis' Reggie Wayne (100 catches) was limited to three catches for 33 yards. And so it goes from New England's Randy Moss (two-game total of nine catches for 58 yards and one touchdown) to Buffalo's Terrell Owens (two-game total of six catches for 44 yards) to Cincinnati's Chad Ochocinco (no catches).

He allowed two touchdowns last season (Moss and Jacksonville's Mike Sims-Walker) but three in four games this season as he's been slowed by a holdout and hamstring injury. Revis says he's over the hamstring, thanks to last week's bye.

"He's had a lot of success on a lot of great wide receivers," Jennings said. "Fortunately for us, we have a plethora of pretty decent guys. It'll be interesting to go up against a team that likes to bump up, man to man, press. With his mentality, his mind-set, him being a competitor, (me) being a competitor, you know that coming off a bye week, he's probably looking at himself and is disappointed in the way he's been playing. He's one of those guys that doesn't like a guy to catch anything on him. You've got to respect him because of that level of confidence he plays with. At the same time, you can't just give him all the respect in the world. You must go in there with mind-set that he can't guard me, because he's thinking you can't beat him."

When Jones was being asked about Revis, Jennings, whose locker is next to Jones, kept chiming in with "trick-or-treat" and candy references. Clearly, Jennings isn't psyched out by a player whose nickname has made him a modern legend.

"Actually, seriously, realistically speaking, I'm excited about the opportunity to get a chance to go up against a guy like that," Jennings said. "It's not every day you can go against a pretty good corner. He's solid. You can only say he's solid because you've never competed against him. You've just watched him on film. The film says enough. He's a good corner. Until I can give my own opinion as far as one-on-one, going up against him and seeing what it's like, maybe I may come out with another opinion after the game."

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