Legends to take lead at conference

A number of Packers from the team's glory years of the 1960s as well as legendary basketball coach Bob Knight and Vince Lombardi, Jr. will be the featured speakers of a one-day seminar in August in Green Bay.<p>

The Lombardi Center for Leadership and the Vince Lombardi Titletown Legends non-profit organization today announced the first-ever Lombardi Leadership Conference scheduled for Aug. 20 at the KI Center in Green Bay. The conference will feature Lombardi, Jr., Knight, Bart Starr, Max McGee, and Willie Davis among others. The conference will focus on leadership principles and techniques, and how they can be applied to business and personal life.

"We're going to hold up a mirror for people so they can examine themselves in terms of the length and the breadth and the depth of their goals, and also to measure their commitment and the sense of discipline they bring to their pursuit of those goals and dreams," said Lombardi, Jr.

"The will to win, the will to achieve goes dry and arid without constant reinforcement," Lombardi, Jr. said. "I'm in the reinforcement business. The Lombardi Center for Leadership is in the reinforcement business. In August what we hope to do is give folks a little bit of reinforcement and also the tools and the concepts and the principles so they can take what they learn that particular day and use it in subsequent days in pursuit of their dreams and goals."

All proceeds from the conference will benefit Lombardi Titletown Legends. Since Lombardi Titletown Legends was formed one and a half years ago, it has donated money to 16 Wisconsin charities, according to Tom Olejniczak, secretary and treasurer of Vince Lombardi Titletown Legends. The non-profit organization, formed by Lombardi's former players and coaches in 2001, has raised money through a fan fest on kickoff weekend, golf outings, and merchandise and memorabilia lines.

Lombardi Jr.'s son, John, is a principal in the Lombardi Center for Leadership, based in Savannah, Ga. He traveled to Green Bay for the first time in 30 years and spoke at a press conference announcing the leadership conference.

"Our goal at the Lombardi Center for Leadership and the Lombardi Society is to make a difference in the lives and communities of people and the businesses that we touch," John Lombardi said. "Our message, which is based upon my grandfather and the things my father has done over the years, and those players who lived it, and the research and experience that we've had (with his partners). It's a very powerful message and it's our honor to bring it to the city of Green Bay this upcoming August.

"We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by educating you in the Lombardi way. We are committed to the personal and professional development of everyone we come in contact with. In essence we want to affect change through individuals and communities by perpetuating the Lombardi principles to others. Those principles of honor, integrity, character, discipline, courage, hard work and mental toughness are essential to success. Success is not just in the pocketbook but in the heart and in the soul."

General admission tickets cost $150 per person. It includes a box lunch.

VIP tickets cost $300 per person. That includes preferred seating, a VIP breakfast and VIP lunch with McGee. VIP events are limited to 80 people.

To order tickets, call (920) 499-7352, or order through the internet at Lombardiconference.com. The web site will begin on April 1.

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