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Matt Millen, Steve Mariucci, Marvin Lewis and owners of the Houston Texans were just a few who made their way to watch Terrell Suggs and other members of the Arizona State Sun Devils workout Wednesday. Here are notes from Wednesday's pro day with notes from Florida's workout last week and info from the South Florida pro day.<p>

Depending on whose watch you were reading Suggs ran in the high 4.7 area (4.78) to the mid-4.8 region on both of his runs during the 40. His vertical jump was 33.5 inches and Suggs completed 19 repetitions on the bench. His pair of short shuttle runs averaged in the 4.31 area while his three cone run timed in around 7.4 seconds. All this after weighing in at 257-pounds.

Suggs did well afterward in the drill segment of his workout, so much that TFY Draft Preview has learned the Houston Texans will stick around one more day specifically to work Suggs out at linebacker. This is significant as many feel Suggs best position is standing up over tackle in a three-four scheme. It is also important as we have stated for a while a different player the Texans are high on is Tully Banta-Cain, yet another an undersized pass rusher.

Elsewhere Shaun McDonald clocked a pair of 40s in the 4.42/4.39 range. McDonald has jumped up charts as he also scored a 35 on the wonderlic test, though several teams will not draft him early because he is so short.

At Florida last week Taylor Jacobs ran a pair of 40s that averaged 4.39 and turned in a 37-inch vertical jump. Defensive tackle Ian Scott ran 5.10 at 310 pounds while Clint Mitchell improved his combine times and lowered to a 4.87 40. Earnest Graham was slow, running anywhere from a 4.75 to a 4.82 depending on whose watch you read, which was basically the same times as Aaron Walker.

Prospects from University of South Florida were burning it up. Middle linebacker Kawika Mitchell ran a 4.65, posted a 40-inch vertical leap, 10-0 broad jump and cranked out 28-reps on the bench weighing in at 251 pounds.

Recover/return specialist DeAndrew Rubin posted a 40 of 4.35 as did fellow pass catcher Hugh Smith.

Unheralded tight end Matt Huebner turned in a pair of solid pro-days the past 10 days. On the 18th the St. Cloud State prospect measured in at 6'3-3/4, 274 pounds, ran a pair of 40s in 4.67/ 4.68, three-cone of 7.09/ 7.11, with a 35.5 vertical, 9-8 broad and benched 225-pound 23 times.

Huebner's numbers were almost identical today but what was interesting were the teams that traveled out to watch him specifically. They included the Packers, Colts, Jets and Texans as well as the Vikings, who may draft Huebner late.

Also, St. Cloud receiver Ben Nelson, a pass catching machine and Division II All American, was consistently clocked between 4.46 and 4.50. Tennessee pro day

Despite solid performances two weeks ago, Jason Witten and Kelley Washington of Tennessee were among a group of Volunteers that went out today and worked out for the second time in a month. Inside Tennessee's Nick Grinnell gives us the lowdown.

Kelley Washington seemed a little unhappy with his first timing session 14 days ago, but that was not the case Wednesday. During pass catching drills, Washington had a couple of great catches. The most notable came on a deep post pass that he stretched out to pull in.

Kelley said he has a couple of trips to visit NFL teams, but he couldn't recall what cities that he would be traveling to. The only other exercises he did were the 20 and 60-yard shuttles. He timed in at a 4.08 and 11.48 respectively. Washington's 60-yard time was better than track champion and fellow wide receiver Leonard Scott (11.72).

Jason Witten caught the ball very well today. His only exercise this afternoon was to re-attempt the vertical jump. Two weeks ago Witten finished with a 32.5 on both attempts. Today, he closed with a 34-inch jump. That is a tremendous improvement in that short amount of time for Jason. He finished the day catching the ball and only dropped one pass, which came on a deep ball. Witten weighed in at a slender 258 pounds, two pounds heavier than his last timing session (256).

Jason agreed with Washington about the level of pressure being down. "Oh yeah it was much easier. Not running the 40 took a lot off my mind. We were able to go out and do what we wanted to in front of the scouts," Witten said that the main interest seems to be coming from the San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans. Witten did say he liked the closeness that playing in Nashville would provide.

"It would be nice to be that close to home. You know New Orleans has a great offensive setup and the Niners are one of the best franchises in NFL history, so I am really pleased with where I am." Houston has expressed interest earlier in the 2002 and that could be something to keep an eye on as draft day approaches. The Saints are sitting with a first round pick at position. The trips are more along the lines of a recruiting trip and not a workout session. The team officials (coaches, general manager, owner, etc.) usually take you around their particular city to show them around in addition to the team facilities.

Linebacker Eddie Moore worked out on Tuesday. Moore missed the first timing day because he wasn't 100 percent healthy. Moore had a good workout. He made many nice plays, mostly in the interception drill the scouts put linebackers through. He seemed quicker than he was at season's end. He didn't show as well on the bench press as he would have liked. He pushed up 225 pounds 18 times. In comparison, his teammate Keyon Whiteside performed the same drill 28 times. Moore appears to be ticketed as a late round pick at this point. Here are Eddie's numbers for the day:

Witten, Washington and Leonard Scott were very fortunate two weeks as they had Washington Redskin's quarterback Patrick Ramsey slinging the football their way. Wednesday the three pass catchers were pulling in passes from former Tennessee quarterback Jeff Francis.

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