Final Four connections: Part 3

Today: Syracuse. Next installment: Texas. When tapping the Syracuse football program, the Packers found feast or famine -- mostly famine. No matter how slim the Syracuse pickings have been over the years, they may boast the single best contribution to the Packers through the draft than any other of this year's Final Four schools.<P>

With their seventh round pick (79th overall)in the 1953 draft, Green Bay selected center Jim Ringo out of Syracuse. Ringo played - and started - 11 seasons in Green Bay. Speaking of feast or famine, that can also be applied the Ringo's career. He played in the lean years, coming in under coach Gene Ronzani, a Marquette man, himself. Ronzani didn't make it through the season. Green Bay turned to Marquette coach Lisle Blackbourn (yet more Final Four connections!)and later Scooter McLean and things went from bad to worse.

Just in time for the twilight of Ringo's career, Vince Lombardi arrived on the scene and Ringo was able to share in two World Championships before he retired.

Ringo was inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame in 1974.

He also has the distinction of being the only Orangeman to last more than a season in Green Bay. It seems that the Packers pick up a Syracuse product once a decade, whether they need one or not. They drafted Tim Moresco in the sixth round (149th overall) of the 1977 draft, and the DB spent one season in Green Bay.

DT Paul Frase came to GB for one year, 1997, via free agency, while running back Larry Morris played in 1987.

Here are the rest of the Packers' draft picks out of Syracuse, including two in 1958. None of the following picks landed a roster spot.

1965 - Wally Mahle, HB, 4th round, 52

1958 - Mike Bill, C, 8th, 86th overall; and Charles Strid, G, 18th, 206

1954- Bob Fleck,T,2nd round, 15th

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