Scouting Report: Packers On Eagles

We've got the scoop on several of Philadelphia's key performers — including Asante Samuel and Michael Vick — straight from the Packers' locker room and a couple of the assistant coaches.

Eagles on defense

Joe Philbin, on CB Asante Samuel:

Probably his instincts. He's got a good sense – he reads the quarterback's eyes, he plays with a lot of vision, he's got good anticipation. Obviously, he's got a lot of athletic skill, that goes without saying. But probably some of those instinct things and awareness and anticipation (stand out). He's good at that. He'll jump some (routes). He's obviously been productive intercepting the ball because he's got a boatload of them over the last few years.

James Jones, on Samuel:

Everybody knows he's a gambler. He's a smart player. He's been around the game a long time and seen all type of plays. He knows what's coming. He studies film hard but he's a gambler. We've got to make sure we run precise routes so he doesn't jump on our routes and change the game by getting an interception.

Joe Philbin, on DE Trent Cole:

Both (speed and power), he's got good leverage. He's not the tallest defensive end so he's got some natural leverage and pretty good power, too. He's got both. He's got very good get-off and good power. He's a high-effort guy, too. He's kind of got all those things going.

Eagles on offense

Charles Woodson, on QB Michael Vick:

His arm's always been good. I think accuracy has always been good. I don't think he's always got it out when he should have, but if you've watched him over his career he's had one of the stronger arms that you're going to find in the NFL. I think now he's just got more patience. I don't think he's pulling it down as fast and running as quick as he used to. Now, he's standing in the pocket, he's picking up his reads, getting to second and third reads, which has just made him a more complete quarterback as far as arm strength. That's always been here.''

Desmond Bishop, on Vick:

"We've got to do a good job of not going to sleep on him, because a lot of the things he does, he'll kind of lull you to sleep and he'll take off. If you're not at full speed, he's arguably one of the fastest guys in the NFL. You've got to know where he's at on the field and that's pretty much it. We've got a few calls and adjustments depending on where he is, and gotta know where he's at at all times."

Tramon Williams, on WRs DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin:

Maclin actually got more catches — a lot more catches — than DeSean has (but Jackson has) more yardage per catch. They both work in different ways and they get their share of balls. (Follow-up question: What's the Cliff's Notes on Jackson other than he's fast?) That's his Cliff's Note. He's fast. He's an explosive guy. He's a guy who you have to keep your eyes on, obviously, because they're going to try to get the ball in his hands and let him make a play. There's not much to tell about him. Everyone knows about him. Maclin is more of a complete receiver.

Woodson on Jackson

He's a gamebreaker. He's done it his whole career, and he can do it from anywhere on the field. Receiver, you watched the punt return against the Giants a couple weeks back with the game on the line, and he sealed it for them. He's a guy that, if he gets his hands on the ball, he can get it to the end zone from anywhere. He has that type of speed. So he'll be a tough challenge for us.

Bishop, on RB LeSean McCoy:

I think he's a good back. He's a real jitterbug. He's hard to tackle because he can change direction so quick. He's got good shakes. That plays in his favor because he's also a good receiver out of the backfield. On screens and other stuff, if they get him in the open field, he's hard to bring down. They throw a lot of screens to him and he's really versatile.

Charlie Peprah, on TE Brent Celek:

He's a good receiving tight end. Good blocker, too. They like to use him down the middle of the field. They went to him on an all-go special down the middle of the field and the safety missed the tackle (and Celek scored the touchdown that jump-started the comeback against the Giants). They're going to throw the ball down the field. They're going to give us an opportunity to make plays; he's going to give their receivers a chance to make plays.

Special teams

Shawn Slocum, on PR DeSean Jackson (in comparison to Chicago's Devin Hester):

They're both highly impactful players. I think they have two different running styles, but they both have the ability to score and affect the game. Devin, he takes the ball more vertical and then takes it sideways. I see DeSean start sideways, then get vertical and explode. Some if it is scheme, but at the end of the day, they both have great acceleration and the ability to outrun people who are chasing them.

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