Scheduled visits for draft prospects

Courtesy of, here is a listing of player visits that have been completed or are expected to set up in the coming days for almost all 32 teams in the league. More will be added as they arrive.<p>

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Johnathan Sullivan, Chaun Thompson

Miami Dolphins: Isaac Herring, Corey Jenkins

New England Patriots: Kelley Washington, Willis McGahee, Vinny Ciurciu, Brandon Lloyd, Jeff Faine, Antwan Peek, Terry Pierce, Chaun Thompson, Marcus Trufant

New York Jets: Kevin Williams, Johnathan Sullivan, Scott Kooistra, Kelley Washington

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Kyle Boller, Curt Anes, David Kircus, Terrell Suggs

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich, Charles Rogers, Noah Schwartz, Dustin McQuivey, Terrell Suggs, Terrence Newman

Cleveland Browns: Wade Smith, Garry Johnson, Lance Nimmo, Nick Barnett, Chaun Thompson, Marcus Trufant, Chris Kern

Pittsburgh Steelers: Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, Antwan Peek, Calvin Pace

AFC South

Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts: Rashean Mathis

Jacksonville Jaguars: Carson Palmer, Anquan Boldin, Johnathan Sullivan, DeWayne Robertson, Marcus Trufant, Rhett Nelson

Tennessee Titans: Jeff Faine

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs: Brandon Lloyd, Byron Gasaway, Kevin Williams, Chris Kelsay, Calvin Pace, Tyler Brayton, Nick Barnett, Chaun Thompson, Terry Pierce, Drayton Florence, Sammy Davis, Rashean Mathis, Eugene Wilson, Marcus Trufant, Andre Woolfolk

Oakland Raiders: Isaac Herring

San Diego Chargers: David Kircus

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: DeWayne Robertson, Marcus Trufant, Terrence Newman

Philadelphia Eagles: Wade Smith, Tyler Brayton, L.J. Smith

Washington Redskins: Chaun Thompson, Brooks Barnard, Andy Groom

NFC North

Chicago Bears: Carson Palmer, Kyle Boller, Curt Anes, David Kircus, DeWayne Robertson, Jimmy Kennedy, Terrence Newman, Chris Kern, Dennis Wendell

Detroit Lions: Terrence Newman, Jimmy Kennedy, Chris Kern

Green Bay Packers: Tyler Brayton, Chaun Thompson, Terry Pierce, Kawika Mitchell, Marcus Trufant

Minnesota Vikings: Marcus Trufant

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Marcus Trufant, Reshean Mathis

Carolina Panthers: Byron Leftwich, Chad Brinker, Anthony Davis

New Orleans Saints: Vishante Shiancoe, L.J. Smith, Anthony Davis, DeWayne Robertson, William Joseph, Johnathan Sullivan, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Rashean Mathis, Drayton Florence, Marcus Trufant, Chris Kern

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chaun Thompson

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Terrell Suggs

San Francisco 49ers: Bethel Johnson, Onterrio Smith, Kelley Washington, Wade Smith, Jerome McDougal, Tyler Brayton, Rashean Mathis

Seattle Seahawks: Marcus Trufant

St. Louis Rams: Eric Steinbach, Bret Engemann, Kwame Harris, Terrence Newman, Marcus Trufant

Adam Caplan is President of Pro Football News and Injury Report as well as a regular contributor to the TFY Draft Preview. He annually travels to Senior Bowl week and the combine as well as hosts's weekly fantasy football show with Ron Jaworski and John Hanson.

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