The Top Ten Quotes From Super Bowl Week

The talk is over. The game is almost here. As the media center at the downtown Dallas Sheraton hotel cleared out Saturday, our Matt Tevsh scoured the interview transcripts to bring you the most compelling, humorous and thoughtful remarks from the week that was for the Packers.

10. Cornerback Charles Woodson (on his feeling from the last meeting between the Steelers and Packers in 2009):

"Sick. Sick because of how we lost the game on the last play, but even more sick about the defense we played. That was embarrassing. We couldn't get off the field. We couldn't stop them from scoring any points. It was a hard pill to swallow, but we all had to sit in there and watch the film last week and go over the game and see why it was that way. That's something we have to make sure doesn't happen this week."

9. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers (on his goals/expectations at his first Super Bowl Media Day):

"I'm just trying to get through this 60 minutes without saying anything stupid."

8. Kicker Mason Crosby (on a potential game-winning kick in the Super Bowl):

"I am a process guy. I'm thinking about that first kick. It's that one where you just get out there if it's a kickoff, first field goal or extra point (and) you just hit the ball. Getting out on the field and knowing it's just another football game. It is big, once you're out on the field as players it all feels like football. I just want to get out there and hit that first one, then kind of take the process as it goes. If that opportunity presents itself, I just want to embrace it and be in the moment."

7. Defensive end Ryan Pickett (on talking about his Super Bowl experience with the younger guys):

"I talk about it. The young guys listen and they want to hear it. I tell them how it is to get here and lose, how I took it for granted last time I was here. Nine years later I am just getting back. We have guys like (Donald) Driver and (Chad) Clifton who have been in the league 11 and 12 years and have never been. This is their first time. I stress to them how hard it is to get here. It's tough. We have to capitalize on the opportunity that we have now. I was like we will get back to the playoffs and get back in the game next year and we will win. We had a good team and great players all around us. It seemed like we could have won for years to come. Things happen and it's tough to rebound after you lose a Super Bowl."

6. Team president and CEO Mark Murphy (on if the Packers have reached out to Brett Favre in an attempt to rebuild old ties):

"Not officially. I had a chance to talk to him after we played the Vikings. At the proper time we'll reach out to him and I envision that he'll come back."

6a. Murphy (on if Favre's number will be retired):

"We want to make sure that it's the right time for him and for us."

5. Rodgers (on how much of an impact his one season at Butte Community College had on him and if he envisioned himself getting to this level):

"Yeah, that was the most important year of my young football career. I learned a lot about myself that year, being an 18-year-old playing with guys from all over the country and different countries: Canada, 25-year-old center, guys who had been to prison, guys who had been bounce-backs from Division I, local guys , and trying to be an 18-year-old and lead those guys and figure out a way to lead them. I learned a lot about leadership and a lot about myself and I also got my confidence back because I had a real good season, so that was an important year. Still keep in touch with a lot of those guys and my coach, as well."

4. Head coach Mike McCarthy (on defensive coordinator Dom Capers being detail oriented):

"It goes back to the first meeting I had with Dom. I picked Dom up at the airport and it was 25-30 below zero. We were coming out of baggage claim and he had a suitcase like all of the other candidates, but he also had a humongous bag of books. We loaded it into the back of my vehicle and we went on and had dinner. The next day we set down for the interview and he had his original notes from when he installed the defense in Pittsburgh in the early '90s. He's old school in that way where he still likes to write everything out. In the age of computers he still has a procedure that he likes to write everything out. He uses more highlighters than anybody. I thought I used a lot of highlighters, but it doesn't even compare to Dom. Dom's technique and the preparation he puts into preparing his sheets is very impressive. He's good. He is truly the most detailed individual I have ever been around. You may be as detailed as Dom, but I have never seen anybody with more detail in their presentation on a daily basis."

3. Rodgers (on how the Packers are motivated by pictures of past Green Bay championships in their meeting room):

"I gave Mike (McCarthy) that idea in the offseason. He might not tell you that, but a good friend of mine who is also a professional athlete, talked about how his coach motivated them in that way. I thought that would be a cool thing for us to see every day in the meeting room because we start a day off in that room. To be able to think about the entire season, what we're really playing for by having that empty picture up on the wall."

2. McCarthy (on what he learned from Vince Lombardi's career):

"I think every coach that has had the opportunity to step on the playing field, or even on the practice field, is aware of Coach Lombardi's presence and the importance and impact that he has made on the coaching profession. When you talk about excellence, discipline, and work ethic he was the one who really brought all of that to the forefront. He's such a big part of the history and tradition of the Green Bay Packers. It is something that we celebrate all of the time as an organization. It's something that is being celebrated right now on Broadway. We take a tremendous pride and focus on bringing that trophy back home where it belongs. Coach Lombardi not only affected the coaching profession, I'm a big believer that he made a clear impact on the development of the National Football League."

1. McCarthy (after the team's last practice Friday in preparation for the Super Bowl):

"We've had an opportunity to go over every situation twice for our game plan, so we're ready to go. The one thing you want to see in your football team is that the players have maintained confidence throughout the process. Our guys have done that. They totally believe what's in front of them. They believe in what they've seen on film. We respect Pittsburgh, but we feel that this is our time and Sunday will be our night."

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