NFL Draft Prospect Profile takes a look at the players scheduled to visit Green Bay this week. Today: Colorado DE Tyler Brayton.<P> The most recent parade of prospects visiting Green Bay includes one DE Tyler Brayton, a two-year starter and All-Conference honoree for Colorado.<P>

Brayton, 6-foot-6 and 265 pounds, boasts athleticism and size potential which make him a solid long term prospect. Scouts believe he could develop into a left end or defensive tackle as he matures physically.

Brayton posted 62 tackles with 4 tackles for loss and 7 sacks as a senior after junior numbers of 44/7/4.5.

At the end of his senior seaston, Brayton was the 2002 receipient of the Buffalo Heart Award, given by the Colorado fans and based on the merit of heart, desire, determinatino and grit throughout the 2002 season.

His scouting report includes accolades as a "high revving effort defender with a nice amount of upside potential for the next level. Quick off the snap, drives up the field yet fluid making plays laterally up and down the line of scrimmage."

Brayton is also credited with displaying "good range and the ability to pursue the action from all directions of the field ... disciplined, quick locating the ball and rarely off his feet. Agile, effectively redirects to the action and displays a burst of closing speed."

On the downside is Brayton's tall, thin frame, which he could develop into an asset with work. According to scouts, he tends to "get upright, making himself an easy target to be blocked. Lacks bulk and moved off the line if opponents run at him. Though quick and fast, lacks the suddenness or explosion you want in a pass rusher."

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