Kampman Fetches Fourth-Rounder

As expected, Green Bay received a fourth-round compensatory draft pick for losing Aaron Kampman in free agency last offseason.

As we predicted earlier in the week, the Green Bay Packers received a fourth-round compensatory draft pick after losing Aaron Kampman in free agency last offseason.

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The NFL's formula for deciding compensatory picks is a closely held secret, but a league official told Packer Report last year that far and away the biggest factor is average salary. Aaron Kampman's four-year, $24 million contract equates to $6 million per season. In 2008, Drayton Florence signed a similar contract with Buffalo and San Diego was awarded a fourth-round pick.

The difference between third round and fourth round is obviously stark. Had the Packers been awarded a third-round pick, they would have had an extra selection at No. 98 overall. Instead, the extra pick comes at No. 131.

The Packers have one pick in the first round (No. 32), second round (No. 64) and third round (No. 96), two in the fourth round (Nos. 129 and 131), one in the fifth round (No. 163), one in the sixth round (No. 197) and two in the seventh round (No. 204, in the J.J. Jansen trade, and No. 232, a three-spot improvement after Dallas and Chicago lost picks for selecting players in the supplemental draft and Detroit lost a pick for tampering charges).

Carolina received the only third-round pick after losing Julius Peppers to Chicago.

Full list of compensatory picks

Round, Pick in Round/Overall Pick and Team

3 lll 33/97 lll Carolina

4 lll 33/130 lll Tennessee

4 lll 33/131 lll Green Bay

5 lll 33/164 lll Baltimore

5 lll 34/165 lll Baltimore

6 lll 33/198 lll N.Y. Giants

6 lll 34/199 lll Kansas City

6 lll 35/200 lll Minnesota

6 lll 36/201 lll San Diego

6 lll 37/202 lll N.Y. Giants

6 lll 38/203 lll Carolina

7 lll 33/233 lll San Diego

7 lll 34/234 lll Miami

7 lll 35/235 lll Minnesota

7 lll 36/236 lll Philadelphia

7 lll 37/237 lll Tampa Bay

7 lll 38/238 lll San Francisco

7 lll 39/239 lll Philadelphia

7 lll 40/240 lll Oakland

7 lll 41/241 lll Seattle

7 lll 42/242 lll New Orleans

7 lll 43/243 lll Carolina

7 lll 44/244 lll Buffalo

7 lll 45/245 lll Cincinnati

7 lll 46/246 lll Denver

7 lll 47/247 lll Cleveland

7 lll 48/248 lll Arizona

7 lll 49/249 lll San Francisco

7 lll 50/250 lll Tennessee

7 lll 51/251 lll Dallas

7 lll 52/252 lll Washington

7 lll 53/253 lll Houston

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