NFL Draft Countdown: Packers by position

As we count down to next weekend's NFL Draft, will take a look at the Packers position-by-position, assessing needs and possibilities to fill them. Today: Let's start at the top with quarterbacks. Next: linebackers.<P>

It doesn't seem fair to ruin our enjoyment of the Brett Favre Era by having to discuss his successor. Truth is, the 3-time MVP will turn 34 this season, and has talked frankly about his impending retirement. So it makes sense to look to the draft for Favre's eventual replacement.

The way the draft prospects have shaped up this spring might make it a moot point. It looks like a pretty good crop of QBs will come out of this year's draft – unfortunately, it might be too good. Carson Palmer of USC is likely to go at No. 1, followed somewhere in the top 10 by Marshall's Byron Leftwich. Early in the game, it looked like Cal's Kyle Boller might be a good fit with the Pack at No. 29, but Boller's stock has gone through the roof. He's closed on Leftwich, and unless there's a major shakeup, Boller's visit to Green Bay was simply a courtesy. Florida's Rex Grossman could still be on the table when the Packers step up, but then the decision will be whether to spend that No. 1 pick on a QB that they're not completely sold on rather than the best talent available at another need position such as linebacker or cornerback.

Other possibilities include Dave Rangone or a longshot like Wisconsin's Brooks Bollinger, but those are not first-round opportunities.

With Favre still fully willing and able to lead the Packers back to the Super Bowl, with Doug Pederson happily secure in his backup role, and with a cast of thousands of washed up or very green QBs willing to hold the clipboard as the third stringer, this is not a position the Packers need to fill if they don't feel they have the right man right now.

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