Draft Eve Chat With NFL Scouting

NFL Scouting's Dave-Te Thomas joins us for one final chat before the draft, starting at 6 p.m. CDT on Wednesday. Thomas was hired by the NFL in 1968 and he provides scouting reports and biographies for almost every team in the league. This is THE guy in scouting circles.

Please join us tonight for an NFL Draft chat featuring NFL Scouting's Dave-Te Thomas. Thomas was hired by the NFL in 1968 and has been its official player biographer since 1981. The NFL and 27 of its clubs subscribe to Thomas' scouting reports, and all 32 teams receive his NFL Draft Packet. He says you should "strap yourself in, as I pull no punches."

The chat with Dave-Te will start at 6 p.m. (Central). Just come back to this announcement and scroll down to the Cover It Live box below. You should be able to ask questions ahead of time by joining the chat now, or feel free to leave questions in the subscribers forum.

Thomas is a busy guy and has a lot of demands at league headquarters so he'll be available only for 45 minutes.

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