Official Scouting Report: Sherrod

This is information that we guarantee you won't see anywhere else: the scouting report for Derek Sherrod that was provided to teams for their draft preparations. "With patient coaching, some NFL team will solve their left tackle problem with this talented athlete."

Derek Sherrod

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
Derek Sherrod Mississippi State 79 2007 Left Offensive Tackle
Height Weight Time (40) Time (20) Time (10)
6:05.3 321 5.28 3.05 1.87
20-yd Shuttle 60-yd Shuttle Three-cone Drill Vertical Jump Broad Jump
4.63 n/a 7.43 28" 8'1"
Bench Press Arms Hands Wing Span Position Pro Rank
225x23 35 3/8" 11" 83 7/8" Left Offensive Tackle
2010 Best Games Memphis, Georgia, Alcorn State, Houston, Alabama-Birmingham, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Michigan
2010 Worst Games Louisiana State, Alabama
2009 Best Games Jackson State, Georgia Tech, Houston, Middle Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas State
2009 Worst Games Florida, Alabama
Body Structure Sherrod is a long-limbed athlete with wide hips, big bubble, thick thighs and calves, low body fat and broad shoulders. He is well-proportioned with big bones and the frame to carry at least another twenty pounds of bulk. He has good upper body thickness and strong, fluid hips.
General Report
Athletic Ability Sherrod plays with good balance. He has the foot quickness and knee bend to easily mirror and slide to challenge edge rushers, along with good overall flexibility. He runs with a normal stride, displaying the ability to adjust in space. He is a power-oriented blocker who has developed an aggressive nature. He is smooth and sudden coming out of his stance and has above average lateral range. He maintains balance on the move, especially when having to redirect and recover working in-line.
Football Sense Sherrod shows very good field vision and is alert to stunts and games. He communicates well with his fellow blockers, especially on combo blocks. He has no problems taking plays from the chalkboard to the playing field. The coaches say he is mentally sharp and a very quick learner.
Character Sherrod is a good character type with no off-field issues. He is very close to his family, well-respected by the coaches and a "Yes sir, no sir" type who takes well to hard coaching. He does well in the classroom and is the type who will give total effort on the playing field.
Competitiveness Sherrod is highly competitive and will play until the whistle. He has a nasty streak this year that has helped him round out his game, as it is obvious that he plays with high intensity (see 2010 Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi games). He takes pride in his play and loves to answer the challenge up front. He comes off the ball hard and looks very aggressive upon making contact. He works to finish and will do whatever it takes to engage the defender with force.
Work Habits Sherrod has very good lower body strength, thanks to putting in the extra hours in the weight room. He's a leverage-type of blocker who needs little structure, as he takes well to hard coaching. He takes care of business in practice and in the off-season training program and has never missed a workout. Throw him into the fire as a starter in the NFL and he will do whatever is needed to succeed.
Athletic Report
Initial Quickness Sherrod comes out of his stance with good suddenness to gain advantage at the snap. He has that quick first step to instantly gain position on the defender (see 2010 Georgia, Kentucky and Michigan games). He shows good aggression at the snap, doing a nice job when reaching and sealing a five-tech, as he flashes the ability to cut off the back side. He also shows very good explosion off the snap, getting into the defender with force. He plays with proper knee bend and a flat back to unwind out of his stance with ease. He is one of the quicker offensive linemen in the collegiate ranks.
Lateral Movement This is one of his better assets. Sherrod shows above average ability to mirror and slide. He does an excellent job of redirecting and while he can get a little sloppy with his blocking angles upon departure, he plays with good leverage to neutralize the defender. The thing you see on film is his ability to stay square in his base and move laterally with good footwork and agility.
Balance/Stays On Feet Sherrod plays with a solid base and balance. With those assets, it is rare to see him get moved off his anchor. He has the ability to sustain blocks, thanks to his foot quickness as he also uses those feet to easily mirror. He is more than just a position-&-wall-off blocker, as he does a nice job of swinging his hips and running his feet to finish those blocks. The thing you immediately notice about this player is his ability to play over his feet. He is rarely on the ground, doing a solid job of using his hands to tie up his opponent.
Explosion/Pop Sherrod generates good explosion and pop on contact. He has that fluid hip roll and lower body strength to generate a good push off the snap. Even when he does not get enough movement, he is savvy enough to deliver a blow and drop a linebacker with a vicious forearm blast (see 2010 Houston, Mississippi and Memphis games). He can easily roll his hips, which allows him to generate explosion on contact. He is a very physical striker on the move, doing a nice job of adjusting to recover when beaten.
Run Blocking Sherrod walls and positions mostly, but he does know how to use his bulk to blow up defenders in attempts to get movement on drive blocks. His balance and body control really stand out on film (see 2010 Georgia and Houston games). He takes good angles to screen and wall off and gains good movement upon contact. He also shows the ability to be an effective cut and reach blocker when he plays with alertness (as a junior, he was sometimes hesitant, making him look slow to engage, but is much more decisive in 2010). He will need to add more bulk in order to gain leverage at the point of attack in the NFL, but his frame can easily handle the additional weight. If you are looking for brute strength and mass at this position, Sherrod might not be that fit, but if you want a nimble blocker who plays with aggression on contact, drives his legs and gives total effort, he will be a nice fit.
Pass Blocking Sherrod has made the most improvement in this area from his junior year to his senior campaign. He is a classic knee bender who is effective generating anchor to slide and protect the back side. He shows good patience working on the edge, letting the rusher come to him rather than lunge and over-extend. He has a good concept for angling and can redirect well. His ability to recover in his pass set is superior to most offensive tackles. He shows good ability to sink his hips. In the past, he would get a little inconsistent with his punch (takes lazy sets), but as a senior, he now gets to the collision point very effectively. He also shows above average shuffle and is exceptionally fluid on the move.
Pulling/Trapping Sherrod shows good snap out of his stance to pull down the line of scrimmage (see 2010 Georgia game). He has that quick initial burst to gain advantage and the ability to make contact and drive the defender off the ball. He adjusts effectively on the move and does a nice job of landing on second level targets. He also has the quick feet needed to lock out and get in front on pulls. He has the lateral range to unwind out of his stance with ease to clear the rush lanes.
Adjust on Linebacker


Sherrod has good ability to get into the second level. He shows above average athletic agility and balance to adjust in space. He takes good angles on the move, doing a nice job of adjusting and attacking to cut or fit up while staying in control. He is quick to chip and land on his targets when working in the second level. His ability to redirect and suddenly change direction makes him dominate at the collision point.
Use of Hands/Punch Sherrod has become much more comfortable with his hand placement and usage. In the past, he would get lazy with his hands or get them out of his frame, which let defenders lock on and control (see 2010 Houston and Michigan games). He flashes a good punch in his pass set, but must be more alert to his over-extension problems in the past (no problem in 2010). He is developing the strong punch and lock-out ability, but can still use more refinement. He has enough quickness to recoil and recover inside and brings his hands up properly to shock and jolt, especially when on the move.
Reactions/Awareness Earlier in his career, Sherrod played with some hesitation at times, especially when he missed the early counter moves. While it might look like he is still a bit slow to engage the defender, he has worked hard to keep his hands inside his frame and as a senior, he seemed to always get his man. The thing you notice in 2010 is that he is much more capable with his slide agility. He plays with very good balance and patience this season, showing better confidence in his change of direction agility and lateral quickness to mirror his defender. You can see on film (see 2010 Memphis, Alcorn State and Houston games) that he is much more alert adjusting to stunts and has that ability to almost instantly redirect and recover.
Summation One of the elite left offensive tackles in college football, Sherrod has outstanding quickness and explosion off the ball. His quick first step allows him to gain leverage on the defender. His good power base lets him generate the push needed to lock on and control his man, especially since he has shown much better confidence in his hand placement as a senior. He has the ability to explode into the defender on contact, thanks to his fluid hip roll when attempting to drive the defender out of the hole. He might not maul and overpower the bigger defenders, but his hand quickness and lateral agility is evident in his kick slide when trying to mirror. He is quick and aggressive, flashing enough pop on contact to shock and jolt. He plays on his feet and is very good at taking angles to work into the second level. You can see on the pull that he has the balance and ability to adjust in space.

Once he makes contact, Sherrod is able to run through and finish coming off the block. In pass protection, he is light on his feet and keeps his hands placed well when attempting to wall off. He does a nice job of "closing the gate" and making the edge rusher work hard and take a wide loop when trying to come from the back side. He showed as a senior that he can get his hands up quickly and his improved upper body strength allowed him to control his man much better than he did as a junior.

Sherrod's emergence this year is due to his ability to punch, replace and recoil his hands. His punch is now strong enough for him to control the defender. He has the loose hips to recover quickly vs. the counter move and plays with very good awareness, especially when picking up twists and stunts. He has also greatly improved his anchor ability, evident by the way he has held his ground vs. the power rush in 2010. Overall, he is an emerging talent who has a high ceiling. With patient coaching, some NFL team will solve their left tackle problem with this talented athlete.

Compares To LEVI BROWN-Arizona…Like Brown, Sherrod's pass blocking skills are the result of his foot speed and suddenness off the snap. His athletic skills were always evident, but with his body filling out and maturing, he is developing power to go with his savvy and explosiveness. With his success in communicating with his other blockers, he is an ideal fit for an NFL team at left tackle.

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