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Alex Green

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
 Alex GreenHawaii252009Tailback
HeightWeightTime (40)Time (20)Time (10)
20-yd Shuttle60-yd ShuttleThree-cone DrillVertical JumpBroad Jump
4.15n/a6.91" 34""9'6"
Bench PressArmsHandsWing SpanPosition Pro Rank
225x2032"9 1/8"76 1/4"Tailback
2010 Best GamesCharleston Southern (receiving), Fresno State, Utah State, Boise State, San Jose State (receiving), New Mexico State
2010 Worst GamesColorado, San Jose State (rushing), Tulsa
2009 Best GamesWashington State, Boise State, Nevada, Utah State, San Jose State
2009 Worst GamesCentral Arkansas, New Mexico State, Wisconsin
Body StructureGreen has an athletic, thick frame with good upper body muscle development. The power runner has good arm length, big hands, broad shoulders, wide chest, tight waist and hips, good bubble and well developed thighs.
General Report
Athletic Ability Green is an excellent downhill runner, a pounder who runs with a low pad level and shows good leg drive and short area burst past the line of scrimmage. He is not elusive or blazing fast, but does a very good job of climbing up field, gaining at least ten yards on 36-of-223 carries last year, including 16 for 20 yards or longer. His power was also highlighted, as nine of his 14 touchdown runs came from goal-line plays. He shows very good footwork, balance and body control, along with fluid moves once he negotiates past the trash.
Football Sense Green is as smart as he is physical. A patient runner who lets his blocks develop, the only issue with his field makeup is that he needs to be more conscious of ball security. He reads defenses well and has a very good feel for cutback and inside rush lanes. He knows how to shift his weight forward after initial contact and lowers his pads well when staying in the backfield to challenge blitzers.
Character Green is a hard worker in all aspects of his game. He has no known off-field issues and has been called by everyone on the staff and the locker room the "pulse" of the team.
Competitiveness Green is one "tough hombre" who spent quite a few hours in the training room while patiently waiting for his opportunity in 2010. He plays with good aggression and is very comfortable running up the middle of the field, knowing he has the power to drag defenders for extra yardage (32 times on 128 non-touchdown runs, it took more than one defender to take him down). There is a lot of Michael Turner in him, as his stamina, thanks to his conditioning, seems to allow him to look stronger deep in games.
Athletic Report
Initial Quickness Green might lack great long distance speed, but he can generate a functional second gear when he gets in space and is a savvy runner with good hip wiggle and head fake that forces a defensive back to over-commit. He also shows good pick and slide agility that forces the second level defenders to take poor angles. He comes out of his stance with good spring in his steps, as he stays low in his pads with shoulders squared to navigate through trash. The thing that you notice on film is his ability to generate in-stride quickness when adjusting and changing direction. He has that short area burst, along with the ability to take a side to avoid low blocks.
Acceleration/Burst Green's burst is good for short space runs. He is more quick than fast and reaches top speed quickly, along with generating a functional (almost adequate) second gear. He has steady acceleration on extended runs, but is more ideally suited for shorter carries at the next level.
Instincts/Balance Green has that low center of gravity, strong leg drive and very good balance taking the ball up the gut. He is a pure power runner with above average downhill ability. He does a good job of lowering his shoulder and driving through initial tackles. He has a very good feel for anticipating rush lanes and also displays good body control redirecting to the cutbacks. He displays very good vision on the move and while he might not have "make you miss" speed, he has no problem dragging defenders for more yardage. When he sees the seams, he hits them hard, showing a good feel for defenders squeezing through the holes.      
Inside Running Green is a pure downhill runner. He shows very good plant-&-drive ability and has the ability to sink his weight and drive through most piles with above average leg power. If a defender tries to give him a side, he easily blasts through arm tackles. On 23 goal-line runs, he scored nine times in 2010. He runs inside with good body lean and awareness to pick and slide. He has the ability to bounce outside with a short burst, but he's not going to win long distance races. He has enough change of direction agility to make second level opponents miss, but is best served as a north-south runner than one who can impact going around the corners.
Outside Running Green lacks "make you miss" speed, and is not really elusive, as he's sort of a bull chasing and running over people rather than try to juke an opponent to death. He has good veer that makes it hard for secondary types to get a bead on him with a good angle. He is more of a one-cut type when he gets past blockers up field, but even though his success comes inside mostly, he does have twelve runs for over 20 yards last year.
Tackle-Breaking Strength

Green is much stronger than his weight numbers indicate, especially in the lower body. He shows goo spin agility to ping-pong off tackles and does a nice job of avoiding low blocks with a nimble sidestep. He runs with good body lean and keeps his feet churning while lowering his shoulder to drive through an opponent. His big runs vs. USC, Fresno State, Utah State, Boise State and New Mexico State came by delivering a strong stiff-arm to escape. The best way to describe his running style is bullish. With his pad level low and his ability to power through arm tackles, he has had great success moving the chains, thanks to his leg drive and balance.
Tendency to Fumble Green is very conscious of ball security. It is rare too see him carry the ball too exposed in his right hand and he does a nice job of distributing it away and to the outside of a defender. By keeping it close to his body, the result is that defenders find it very hard to dislodge the ball from him when he keeps it close to his body and angled (see Tiki Barber's running style that is becoming fashionable for power runners).
Receiving Skills Green has been used mostly on controlled routes, bit shows good snatch ability. He does a good job of looking the ball in with his hands and can gain yardage after the catch by bulling over defenders, as he is not going to have much success if he tries to elude. He does a very good job of getting his feet in bounds going for throws along the sidelines and has good veer in and out of his cuts.
Route Runnings Green has good quickness getting into his route and shows the flexibility adjusting to the ball and working his way back when the pocket is pressured. With 27 catches as a senior, he can be useful on dump-offs, but he also has good body control to adjust and get under the throws when on the move. As a third down back, he is capable of getting to the flares, arrows and comebacks, as his route regimen is not limited like most college backs.
Blocking Ability Green is a good cut blocker and is alert to blitzes and stunts, showing the ability to face up, but he needs to sustain his blocks longer. He shows a wide base and good anchor, but will get his hands outside his frame. He can generate good pop shooting his hands, but has to keep them more active when trying to sustain.
Compares ToMICHAEL TURNER-Atlanta…Turner is a few pounds bigger, but both get most of their success pounding the inside rush lanes. Green is an excellent downhill runner with good power and vision. He has become a valuable route runner and has solid ball security skills. Near the goal line, he's almost a certain six points, scoring 9 –of-18 touchdowns last year near the end zone.

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