Official Scouting Report For Davon House

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NFL Scouting's report on Davon House

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
DAVON HOUSE New Mexico State 4 2007 Cornerback
Height Weight Time (40) Time (20) Time (10)
6:00.4 200 4.44 2.54 1.58
20-yd Shuttle 60-yd Shuttle Three-cone Drill Vertical Jump Broad Jump
4.12 11.07 6.65 33 1/2" 9'1"
Bench Press Arms Hands Wing Span Position Pro Rank
225x14 31 7/8 9 1/2 74 3/4 Cornerback
2010 Best Games San Diego State, Boise State, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah State, Louisiana Tech
2010 Worst Games Texas-El Paso, San Jose State, Hawaii
2009 Best Games Prairie View A&M, New Mexico, San Diego State, Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, Boise State
2009 Worst Games Texas-El Paso, Idaho, Ohio State
Body Structure House has a tall, muscular frame with good upper body tone and room to add at least another ten pounds of bulk without having it impact his outstanding foot quickness. He has a good bubble, tight waist, defined thighs and calves.
General Report
Athletic Ability House shows above average body control and does a nice job of keeping his feet on the move. He shows good agility and balance, but needs to redirect and change direction skills better when challenging the receivers running deep routes along the perimeter. Still, he shows explosion out of his plant and is a quick twitch type who shows good alertness vs. plays in front of him. When beaten, he has that sudden burst to recover (see 2010 San Jose State game). His quickness in transition prevents smaller receivers from getting good position working underneath vs. him.
Football Sense House has good field vision and intelligence. He knows his role in the defensive scheme and can play either corner spot, in addition to being physical enough to take on slot receivers as a nickel back. He has a good knowledge of coverage assignments and keys. He has no problems carrying out assignments in front of him. He will not have problems dealing with the mental aspects of the game at the next level and puts forth the extra hours in the film room to improve his feel for the game, needing just minimal reps for recognition on the field.
Character House is a high energy type on the field, but is not prone to making costly mistakes. He is respected by the staff and teammates, with no known off-field issues. He receives very good family support and relishes his role as team leader.
Competitiveness House is a mentally tough athlete and solid hitter who could play inside at safety, if needed. He will hustle and run down a ball carrier from across the field and seems to enjoy the contact in run force. He plays at full speed and few players in the game of foot-ball can match his quickness. He competes for the ball with no regard for his body. He has become very physical executing the press, having re-routed the opposing receiver on 24 of the 67 passes that were targeted into his area. His career average of allowing just 3.75 yards per pass attempt is the lowest of any active collegian.
Athletic Report
Key and Diagnostic Abilities House is quick to react and get to the ball in passing situations. He is alert to read the quarterback's release and does a good job of recognizing blocking schemes when coming up to support vs. the run. He makes solid, quick decisions on the move and has developed good timing and a feel to make plays on the ball. He shows adequate zone instincts, but is quick to read and react to plays in front of him. He still needs to show better anticipation on combo routes though. He is more alert in man coverage, breaking well on the ball. He has improved his timing and hand/eye coordination to get his hand up for the pass deflection, but you would like to see him show his "receiver's quality" hands better when trying to secure the interception (has 11 pass thefts, but at least nine of his PBU's were potential INTs).
Man Coverage Ability With his exceptional speed. House has no problem maintaining inside position when challenging a receiver, especially when working along the sidelines. He has the speed, closing burst and ball reaction skills to stay tight with any opponent, whether they are quick and fast or tall and physical. He needs to improve his strength base, so not to get backed off by the bigger receivers at the next level, but has the frame to add the power needed. He has become a solid press man, as he uses his hands very well to jam and run with his opponent down the field. He can mirror the underneath receivers in the short area, but does struggle a bit changing direction when having to play off. He can get a little inconsistent in his technique when backing off, but has worked on his bump technique, showing the ability to quickly recover. He is becoming effective playing the trail, cover or cushion, showing good plant and drive ability to mirror the receiver. House is smooth in his movements and has the speed to stay on his opponent's hip, when he does not get too upright coming out of his pedal. He has very good closing ability and is very good at staying active with his hands in order to press.
Zone Coverage Ability House showed in 2010 vast improvement dropping back and reading the patterns as they were developing. He is quick to react to the play playing the deep third of the zone, but is better as a press corner. He needs to be more physical when striking and jolting, but is a secure wrap-up tackler. The thing you notice on film is his impressive awareness looking up receivers and anticipating the quarterback to jump the play. He will sometimes get too aggressive, causing him to lose relationship with his coverage assignment, but when he stays disciplined vs. combo routes, he is much more effective. He does show the ability to sink under deep throws, but needs to show a little more patience, at times.
Backpedal Skills House is smooth in his pedal, showing a burst out of transition. He can really stick and close on the ball when he recognizes the play. He often plays his man tight, turning and running up field with good urgency. He can get a little inconsistent with his pad level and footwork at times, but has the quick feet to recover. He shows fluid hips to plant and drive. The thing you see on film is his ability to close with a sudden burst. He has very good anticipation ability and shows no wasted steps in transition, when he keeps his pad level down. When he keeps his hips loose, he is able to turn and stay on the receiver with much better effectiveness.
Ball Reaction Skills House can break and make plays on the ball in front of him. The only time he struggles a bit are on combo routes. He has a very quick plant-&-drive step closing on the receiver and can be explosive doing this. He has made good strides improving his timing, showing good hand/eye coordination on deep routes. He has an explosive closing burst to get to the reception point on deep throws. He demonstrates clean feet in transition, most of the times (gets narrow in his base when he gets too upright, though) and takes good angles closing on plays in front of him. With his acceleration to close coming out of his breaks, few receivers will have success getting past him on the perimeter.
Range/Recovery This is where House excels. When he does lose relationship with receivers on deep routes, he has confidence in his speed to catch up when his opponent gets behind him. He shows an adequate trail technique, but can cover ground quickly. His stop and go quickness is above average. His speed lets him cover up for mistakes, as his 4.44 timing on grass is the same when wearing his pads. He is very quick pursuing his opponent across the field (see 2010 San Diego State and Louisiana Tech games).
Jumping Ability While he has very good body control to run, jump and adjust to the ball in the air, he lacks natural hands for the interception. He times his leaps well, though. He gets good elevation going up for the ball and shows adequate ability to track the ball and adjust to it accordingly while in flight. He does this with a competitive attitude and knowing that he will not make the interception, he compensates by knocking the ball away at its high point.
Hands While he can track the ball over his shoulder, House needs to turn more pass deflections into interceptions. Yes, he did have 11 thefts during his career, but at least nine of his break-ups should have been pass thefts. He does demonstrate above average hand placement playing off receivers' cut blocks and has the receiver experience from his prep days to reach and pluck the ball away from his framework.
Run Defense House is effective playing inside the box, but is mostly positioned too deep in the secondary to come up in support often. He likes to stick hit hat in the pile and will not hesitate to support vs. the run. He is a physical tackler, but needs to improve his overall strength. He does a nice job playing off cut blocks and it is rare to see him take a side. He will need to increase his strength to play vs. the run at the next level, but shows the desire to lower his shoulder and thump some. When he stays active with his hands, he is quick to play off blocks, and you can see that he takes on ball carriers with good aggression.
Tackling Ability House delivers decent pop behind his hits. He needs to improve his strength, but is not afraid to tackle. He will do anything he can to get the ball carrier to the ground. He is really not a striker, but will square up and "put his hat" on the opponent. He is a very good wrap-up tackler, staying low in his pads to secure. He shows nice adjustment ability to break down and fit in the open field and can generate enough force behind his arm tackles to impede the forward progress of a ball carrier in run support.
Compares To COREY WEBSTER-New York Giants…House has become a superb deep coverage pass defender. He has very good speed and an explosive closing burst. He still struggles a bit vs. combo routes, but in man coverage, he compensates for a lack of brute strength with excellent hand placement, rerouting receivers on 35.82% (24-of-67) of the passes targeted into his area in 2010. With more bulk and strength, he could be the elite shutdown cornerback at the pro level.

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