Official Scouting Report For D.J. Williams

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NFL Scouting's report on D.J. Williams

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
DAVID "D.J." WILLIAMS Arkansas 45 2007 Tight end
Height Weight Time (40) Time (20) Time (10)
6:02.1 245 4.67 2.72 1.62
20-yd Shuttle 60-yd Shuttle Three-cone Drill Vertical Jump Broad Jump
4.51 12.20 7.29 33 1/2 9'3"
Bench Press Arms Hands Wing Span Position Pro Rank
225x20 31 1/2 10 3/8 75 1/4 "Motion" tight end/fullback
2010 Best Games Tennessee Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Texas-El Paso, Mississippi State
2010 Worst Games Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Louisiana State
2009 Best Games Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, Troy
2009 Worst Games Alabama, Eastern Michigan, Mississippi State
Body Structure Williams is much stronger than his undersized frame and bench press totals indicate. He has room on his frame to carry at least another fifteen pounds of bulk. He is much stronger on top than in his lower frame, but has a good bubble and developed legs, along with long limbs and very large hands for a player his size.
General Report
Athletic Ability Williams is very athletic for a player of his size. He has good change of direction agility and balance. He shows good body control through his routes and the hand/eye coordination to maintain relationship with the ball in flight. He compensates for a lack of speed with a fluid stride. He has the body control and flexibility to adjust on the move and looks natural with hands in catching the ball.
Football Sense Williams is a player that needs only minimal reps to retain. He is an instinctive athlete who puts in the extra hours in the film room studying his opponents. He plays with very good awareness and also excels in the classroom.
Character Williams is an upbeat, but quiet sort, very respectful and a solid character. He has no known off-field issues and displays good maturity for his age. He is the type that quietly goes about his business, but will not hesitate to mentor a younger teammate.
Competitiveness He is a good competitor who is a consummate team player. He relishes his involvement in the passing game, and has made marked improvement as a blocker, especially on running plays. He is a high-energy type that will give solid effort.
Athletic Report
Release Williams lacks suddenness getting off the snap, but once he gets a clean release, he shows good glide agility heading up field. He appears quicker getting into his route when he stands up rather than from a three-point stance. He has an effective hand punch to use to combat the press. He has good stop-&-go motion and fakes to sell the route and con the linebackers to get separation on the way down the seam. He has good speed, but when late off the snap, he can compensate with active hand usage and his flexibility, combining it with upper body strength to power through the chuck.
Acceleration Williams has the ability to get to top speed in a hurry, but does struggle at times to come off the blocks. He runs with very good forward body lean and has the ability to get open and run under the ball in flight. He has a physical nature attacking the seam and is well balanced through the route's progression. He might not have the timed speed to be a deep threat, but covers ground to threaten when heading up field.
Quickness Williams plays with that old adage – more quick than faster. He is not sudden getting out of his stance, but builds to the top of the route with a smooth gliding stride. He has the footwork to get in and out of his cuts with good transitioning. He just shows good ease of movement running patterns and enough burst after the catch to gain advantage and beat second level defenders.
Route Running While Williams looks quicker playing in motion than when coming off the line, he shows good awareness to pass coverage, doing a nice job of finding soft areas in the zone. He would be even more effective if he showed fluid hips to sink his weight when making cuts, though. He has good power working towards the screens and comes back for the ball adequately when the pocket is pressured. He has enough shake and wiggle to escape linebackers, but quicker safeties will still stay on his hip. He finds his marks and even though he does not always show explosion out of his breaks, he moves cleanly and gets his head turned around in time to look the ball in.
Separation Ability Williams lacks suddenness to escape or sell the route, especially vs. quicker defenders. He shows good footwork gathering at the top of the stem, but is better off when utilized on hooks, slants and curls. He shows good awareness, but just lacks the sudden burst needed to uncover past the short area. He has good forward body lean and weight transfer, but not enough of a second gear to separate in an instant. He relies more on strength than quickness to pick up yards after the catch.
Ball adjustment Williams has good vertical leaping ability to go up and high point the ball and does a nice job of keeping his feet working along the sidelines. He labors to get in gear and will be late at times when lined up in a three-point stance, getting more success when used in motion. He seems to be better on controlled routes, where he works at half speed rather than at full stride, but can reach high or low to adjust to the thrown ball. He shows no hesitation going after throws in tight spots.
Leaping Ability While Williams might lack explosion going up for the ball, he times his leaps well and has the reach to high point throws. He does a better job when planting and jumping, as he can extend to reach over and around the defender challenging him.
Hands Williams shows good body control and with his timing on his leaps, is known for making the tough, acrobatic catches. He is not the type that uses his body as a crutch, which is sort of good news/bad news, as he's had several critical drops when he short arms the ball and lets it into his frame rather than catching with his hands (see 2010 Texas A&M and Ohio State games).
Run After the Catch Williams can run through tackles by smaller defenders, but does not have the timed speed or elusiveness to take the ball to the house. He needs to be able to power through arm tackles, as he is just not the time to juke and elude with a variety of moves. He gets what he can here by trying to power over his man, as he's never going to have the finishing speed to turn it up quickly.
Blocking Ability Williams is a solid down field blocker and shows aggression at the line of scrimmage, but he will struggle holding ground vs. the bull rush. He shows explosion getting out of his stance and will generally be instant trying to get in front and stalk second level defenders. He is a better edge blocker than when working in-line, as he keeps a wide base and his hands are very active trying to control the pass rusher, working hard to get movement or wall off and turn. He plays with good leverage at the point of attack and can shoot his hands with good explosion.
Compares To DAVID THOMAS-New Orleans… Williams shows good power-through ability as a route runner and is emerging as a very effective edge and down field blocker. He is much better in his routes when in motion than when coming out of a three-point stance. He would probably be rated much higher on draft boards, but teams have to be leery about his lack of size to play the classic tight end position, making him more suited to be a "motion back," much like how Denver uses their smaller tight ends.

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