Official Scouting Report: Schlauderaff

This is information that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else: the scouting report for Caleb Schlauderaff that was provided to all NFL teams for their draft prep. Get the scoop on his entire skill-set and who he most closely compares to among current NFL players.

NFL Scouting's report on Caleb Schlauderaff

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
Caleb Schlauderaff Utah 72 2006 Guard
Height Weight Time (40) Time (20) Time (10)
6:04.2 305 5.34 3.12 1.90
20-yd Shuttle 60-yd Shuttle Three-cone Drill Vertical Jump Broad Jump
4.81 n/a 7.76 28" 8'6"
Bench Press Arms Hands Wing Span Position Pro Rank
none (pectoral) 32 1/4 9 3/4 75 3/4 Guard
2010 Best Games Nevada-Las Vegas, New Mexico, Iowa State, Colorado State, Notre Dame, San Jose State
2010 Worst Games Air Force, Texas Christian, Boise State
2009 Best Games Utah State, Oregon State, Louisville, Nevada-Las Vegas, New Mexico, San Diego State, California
2009 Worst Games Oregon, Texas Christian, Brigham Young
Body Structure Schlauderaff lacks long arms or a good wing span, but has a barrel chest, wide hips and waist, a soft mid-section, thick thighs and calves and large, powerful hands to lock on, jerk and steer his opponent away from the play.
General Report
Athletic Ability Schlauderaff might lack sustained speed, but he shows good balance and short area explosion to get out in front on sweeps. He demonstrates proper body control and takes good angles stalking second level defenders. He moves better going straight forward than when shifting laterally, but with his strong anchor, it is very difficult for defenders to bring him down to the ground. He plays with ease getting his hands up to lock on and control. He is naturally strong and shows the aggressiveness to deliver a solid hand punch to shock and jolt.
Football Sense Schlauderaff is an excellent technician who plays with extreme aggression, but also knows how to operate within the rules (when the refs aren't looking). He is alert to stunts and blitzes and shows good ease of movement setting up in pass protection. He has no problems digesting a complicated play book and easily retains plays. With his knowledge of blocking schemes, he could play any position on the offensive line. He plays with good hand technique and is very aware to the action surrounding him, doing a nice job of wheeling off his primary block to pick up another target.
Character Schlauderaff is well-liked by the staff and team. He comes from a supportive family and is a classic blue collar type. The staff says he is an ideal role model for the younger players and has never had any issues with the administration. He is the unquestioned leader of the team and sets a solid work ethic for the players he mentors. He is in complete control in the locker room and puts in the extra hours in the training and film rooms preparing for his upcoming opponent.
Competitiveness Schlauderaff has a lot of "Conrad Dobler" in him, as he plays with a "search and destroy" mission. He would rather obliterate a defender than simply pancake him and has a mean streak that simply scares the smaller opponents. Even with his hard-nose nature, he stays in control and has drawn just two flags his last two years.
Athletic Report
Initial Quickness Schlauderaff has a decent initial burst off the line and good short area speed, but just lacks the sustained quickness you look for in retreating in pass protection. He shows good movement skills firing straight ahead off the snap, but needs to develop more hip fluidness when trying to move laterally. He is quick in his hand placement and uses his power to lock on and control.
Lateral Movement When Schlauderaff gets too narrow in his base and too tall in his stance, he reverts to waist bending when having to change direction. He might be a better fit working as a weak-guard in the next level, as he does have the straight-line burst and explosion to widen and hold the rushing lanes from the strong-side.
Balance/Stays on Feet Schlauderaff is an immovable object once he plants his foot into the ground. He has a very strong lower body frame, evident by his ability to consistently drive his man off the snap and create movement. He shows the body control to get into the second level and neutralize defenders, as he has a keen knowledge for taking proper angles. Once he locks on to an opponent with his hands, he will instantly win the battle.
Explosion/Pop With his straight-ahead burst, Schlauderaff is sudden to get into the defensive end and has very active hands to lock on and control. He consistently rocks his opponent back with his hand punch and is explosive driving with his legs to widen the rush lane.
Run Blocking Schlauderaff does a nice job of gaining movement off the snap. He is quick to leverage and demonstrates the hand placement and activity to defeat counter moves. His good base lets him run his feet well blocking in-line and he has a very keen understanding for angles. With his leg drive, he is consistent gaining position, turning and moving his man off the ball.
Pass Blocking Schlauderaff has just adequate lateral range and might struggle to mirror the quicker edge rushers at the next level, but when sliding back to protect the pocket, he is alert to stunts and twists. He has good hand placement, but will get too narrow in his base at times, preventing him from generating a good reach to combat speed moves. Still, if he gets his hands on to a defender, the battle is quickly over. He must improve his knee bend and hip flexibility and he does not appear to have the quickness needed to slide as a pro strong-side guard, but with his patience, leg drive and strong hand punch, he will be much more effective protecting the pocket as a weak-side guard in the NFL.
Pulling/Trapping The thing that makes Schlauderaff a potentially great guard prospect is his ability to get in front on traps and pulls. He shows very good body control to square up and wall off second level defenders and consistently plays the game on his feet. He is aggressive tracking down defenders to hit and generally neutralizes his man with a punishing hand punch.
Adjust on Linebacker Downfield With his body control and hand punch, second level defenders are consistently neutralized. He does a nice job of adjusting to action in space and is a very good screen player, as even though he plays with aggression, he is generally in control.
Use of Hands/Punch When Schlauderaff locks on to an opponent, he will generally win the confrontation. He can lock on and steer on running plays and shows good hand placement and quickness to reposition those hands in pass protection. He generates good power coming off the snap to bring his hands into the defender's chest, locking on to steer and control.
Reactions/Awareness Schlauderaff is adequate in his kick slide when taking on edge rushers. He is alert to stunts and twists and keeps his head on a swivel to locate secondary targets. He does not move easily when sliding laterally, but has no problems handling movement right in front of him, making him a better fit as a weak-side guard than on the strong-side.
Compares To RICH SEUBERT-New York Giants…Schlauderaff is a punishing trap blocker with good explosion getting out in front on pulls. He uses his strength well to sustain and widen the rush lanes, but must work on bending more at the knees than at the waist. He has a hand punch that will shock and jolt an opponent, showing improvement placing those hands as a senior than he did in the past. In isolated coverage, he will simply dominate a smaller opponent. With his body control and ability to square up and wall off second level defenders, he could bring immediate value with a possible shift to the weak side.

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