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This is information that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else: the scouting report for Ricky Elmore that was provided to all NFL teams for their draft prep. Get the scoop on his entire skill-set and who he most closely compares to among current NFL players.

NFL Scouting's report on Ricky Elmore

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
Richard Elmore Arizona 44 2006 Defensive End
Height Weight Time (40) Time (20) Time (10)
6:04.4 255 4.95 2.85 1.70
20-yd Shuttle 60-yd Shuttle Three-cone Drill Vertical Jump Broad Jump
4.32 n/a 7.25 31 1/2 8-10
Bench Press Arms Hands Wing Span Position Pro Rank
225x26 31" 9 3/4" 76" Weak-Side Rush End
2010 Best Games Iowa, Oregon State, Washington State, Washington, Arizona State
2010 Worst Games Stanford, Southern California, Oregon, Oklahoma State
2009 Best Games Central Michigan, Iowa, Oregon State, Washington State, California, Arizona State
2009 Worst Games Northern Arizona, Washington, UCLA, Nebraska
Body Structure Elmore has a developing frame that will need to add more bulk, but he has good bone structure and an adequate wing span. He has large hands, but just adequate quickness and shorter than ideal arms. He has better playing strength than that in the weight room, showing better good upper body tone and thickness than in his adequate lower frame. He has a good bubble, but slim thighs and calves.
General Report
Athletic Ability Elmore needs to increase his bulk, but is surprising strong for a player with that lanky frame. He has good height and big hands to lock on and drag the ball carriers down. He has shorter than ideal arms, preventing him from fending off blockers before they can get into his chest area to lock on and control. He is an inconsistent edge rusher who will flash explosion for several plays, then, the only way you might find him is if you put out an APB (disappears for long stretches). He has all the tools to be a solid situational player, but you have to question if he has the body to withstand NFL punishment working in-line and may be better suited as a situational pass rusher, as I don't feel he has the foot speed to make the conversion to linebacker. He shows decent straight-line speed, but struggles when having to change direction (tight hips). Because of lack of arm length, if he does not use his hands to fend off blockers, he gets stonewalled too much when trying to work through trash.
Football Sense Elmore has decent field vision, but despite 25.5 sacks, he has just two QB pressures in 51 games and is better served waiting for the action to come to him rather than pursue it. He gets bounced around quite a bit with inside gap penetration, as he fails to use his short arms to protect his legs. He is a good student and learns football well, but you wonder why he is slow to react to the play, at times.
Character Elmore is an pleasant sort with no off-field issues. He is compliant, respectful and will do exactly as the coaches ask. There will never be people that will question his desire to play the game. He can take well to hard coaching.
Competitiveness Elmore is a tough player who generally gives up considerable bulk to offensive tackles, but will combat until the whistle. If he can add more bulk and improve his lower body strength, he has a good shot of being a nice part of a team's front wall rotation, but is "not ready for prime time" as a starter. He gives above average effort on the field, but will be late off the snap due to a lack of a good initial burst.
Athletic Report
Explosion/Pursuit Elmore has adequate quickness off the snap, but not enough to surprise a lethargic offensive tackle. He gets initial advantage due to his reach and hand placement, as he is quite effective at using those tools to get a push off the blocker. He has a better straight-line burst that most Pac-10 Conference edge rushers, but lacks the timed sped to give chase going long distances. He shows a decent arm-over move, but just does not have the suddenness off the snap to gain advantage.
Strength at Point Elmore might get flattened by bigger blockers when he exposes his chest or fails to use his hands, but when he capitalizes on short punch and big hands, he has no problems getting off the hook or reach block. When he gets too tall in his stance, it invites linemen to get under him to blow him off the ball. He has the strength to play with bent knees and when he stays low in his pads, he can jolt blockers backwards with his hand usage and bull rush. He has the quick hands to defeat the blocker with a good swim move, but lacks the lower body strength drive through the plays when the offensive tackle gets in his way. He will get too high working in-line and is not the type of player that will consistently hunker down. He fails to generate much action vs. double teams due to his marginal leg strength.
Use of Hands This is one of his better assets, as Elmore has "big mitts" (9 3/4-inches), but just a marginal wing span (76-inch) and reach (31-inch arm length) for a player his size. He extends them quickly and has effective rip and club moves to slide off pass protectors. His strong upper body helps him get off blocks. He has enough hand usage to set up his arm-over moves, using his hands with leverage vs. the run. If he gets in the first hit, his hands are strong enough to control and shed blocks.
Lateral Pursuit/Effort Elmore lacks the fluid lateral movement and hip wiggle to change direction, as he is too methodical gaining acceleration sliding down the line. He does not generate the sharp initial burst off the snap nor the speed to pursue long distances. Even when he is able to get a good angle to free up, he is not going to suddenly burst after the ball carrier in pursuit (4.95-5.04 timing in the 40-yard dash).
Tackling Ability Elmore has good upper body strength, but just marginal-to-adequate leg drive. He is not the type that will drive the blocker back on his heels, but does a good job to wrap up and secure when tackling on the edge. He has to have a clear shot at the target when working in space, as he looks stiff in his retreat. He gets good production when he does not leave his feet and uses his big hands to secure.
Run Defense Elmore is not stout enough to fight through the gap, as he tends to get very high and narrow based. He has lots of trouble fighting pressure and holding his ground when he fails to sink his pads and can be walked off the line by a more physical offensive tackle. He is better when operating on the edge than inside, but he does not have the speed to chase down plays at the opposite end of the field. He needs to stay square when attacking the ball carrier, as the runner can slip off his hits when the defender reverts to taking a side, as he does not have the arm length to extend and drag down.
Pass Rush Elmore is not a big "move" guy, thanks to marginal lateral quickness, but can generate some burst when coming off the edge. When he stays down in his pads, he has good success moving the blocker out. He is also quite effective when using his arm-over move to gain advantage. He gets knocked around at the line of scrimmage vs. double teams, but when he has a clear path, he will get to the passer. He needs to develop better counter moves to go with his effective rip and swim moves, as he can not compensate with that short reach of his.
Closing on the QB Once he clears the line, Elmore has a functional burst to get to the quarterback (see 2010 Iowa, Oregon State, Washington State and Arizona State games). He is better working on stunts or turning the corner than when trying to battle the tackles one-on-one, as he does not have the bulk to maintain position, nor the reach to stave off a strong hand punch from an offensive lineman.
Instincts/Recognition Elmore has a good feel for block pressure. He can locate once he breaks free in back side pursuit. He just does not seem natural or instinctive working down the line and he gets into trouble taking on bigger interior blockers in double team situations, but does a better job working back and holding ground vs. the tight ends. If he gets a good jump off the snap, he can slant and escape, but when he fails to come off the snap with suddenness, the offensive linemen easily contain him.
Compares To JOHN ENGLEBERGER-ex Denver/San Francisco…Elmore needs to be in the right system, where he does not have to worry about gap penetration and just play out on the edge. With that good leaping ability, he can create problems for shorter passers trying to get the ball over the defender's head. He needs to add more bulk and improve his lower body strength before he can contribute as part of a defensive rotation.

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