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This is information that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else: the scouting report for Lawrence Guy that was provided to all NFL teams for their draft prep. Get the scoop on his entire skill-set and who he most closely compares to among current NFL players.

NFL Scouting's report on Lawrence Guy

Player School Jersey Year Entered Position
Lawrence Guy Arizona State 50 2008 Defensive Tackle
Height Weight Time (40) Time (20) Time (10)
6:04.1 305 5.08 2.97 1.84
20-yd Shuttle 60-yd Shuttle Three-cone Drill Vertical Jump Broad Jump
4.43 n/a 7.60 29" 8'9"
Bench Press Arms Hands Wing Span Position Pro Rank
225x28 32 3/4 10 3/4 78 5/8 Under-Tackle
2010 Best Games Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, California, Southern California, UCLA
2010 Worst Games Portland State, Washington State, Stanford
2009 Best Games Louisiana-Monroe, Washington State, California, UCLA, Arizona
2009 Worst Games Georgia, Oregon State, Oregon
Body Structure Guy has good size for defensive tackle in a 4-3 alignment and the functional quickness to play defensive end in a 3-4 system, but will need to add more bulk if lined up at the nose guard position in the NFL. He has room to carry at least another 15 pounds without it impacting his above average foot speed. He has a solid upper body frame with good hip width, big bubble, long arms and massive hands.
General Report
Athletic Ability Guy has very good initial quickness and timed speed for a player his size, but labors considerably coming out of his stance, looking too lethargic attacking blockers at the Xs. He shows good balance to make plays on the edge, but lacks the flexibility and burst to accelerate to the ball on outside running plays. He has adequate lateral agility and change of direction skills. Even though he is used in a line rotation, he still tires late in games and you can see the dropoff in his play. He does show good feet and body control, but is best when he is kept operating strictly in the box, as he will run out of gas when having to run long distances.
Football Sense For a player with his timed speed, you would expect him to be a quick-twitch type, but he seems lethargic getting off the snap, whether due to poor ball recognition skills or just plain laziness. He does a good job with only normal reps needed to retain, but fails to adjust on the field well to action on his sides. He lacks a good feel for leveraging, as he does not show consistent low pad level. He also lacks stamina and if this does not improve, he can only hope for a rotation position rather than a starting job at the next level.
Character Guy is a well-liked sort who has good focus in the weight room. He is a team-first player who is liked by his coaches, will do whatever task the staff asks, but he is just not the type that will produce on a consistent level.
Competitiveness Guy's motor runs hot and cold, as he is a non-factor late in games. He will come out and play like a bull in a china closet for several series before taking the rest of the day off. When his motor is running, he is a good competitor who pursues well, but you can see that he he wears down late in games. He also needs to develop an inherent mean streak. If not, he could be a candidate for a move to offensive guard, to take advantage of his balance, foot speed and strength.
Athletic Report
Explosion/Pursuit You would figure that a player with Guy's impressive timed speed would get off the ball better than he does, as he does show good balance and the ability to power through the gaps. He is just not a quick-twitch type than can create havoc. He flashes adequate initial quickness, but is inconsistent with his second move once he breaks free from blocks. He uses his arms effectively to split the gaps, but seems to lose some body control on the move.
Strength at Point Guy has impressive weight room numbers, but his playing strength does not always match up to his training room totals. He is not an effective two-gap type, as he gets too high, failing to gain leverage to hold his ground and has some stiffness when trying to redirect. He has to be moving in order to be effective and he has above average hand strength, but he needs to play with his pad level down. When he comes off the ball in a high stance, blockers immediately attack his exposed chest, driving Guy off the point of attack. Even with his thick lower body, he fails to get anchor, especially vs. double teams (does not sit well). He can generate a strong hand punch, but his placement and usage are lacking. He needs to get more active with those hands in order to be able to stack and control.
Use of Hands Coming off the snap, Guy uses his hands well and has a good swim move to get by. His problems arise when he does not use his hands effectively to defeat low blocks, as blockers know they can easily bring him down by attacking his feet. He has adequate ability to separate and disengage vs. single blocks, but does not keep his arms active enough when taking on double teams, lacking a counter move.
Lateral Pursuit/Effort This is another area where Guy's agility tests don't tell the real story. He appeared to run his shuttles well, yet on the field, he looked very robotic moving in space. He can flash a good twist or spin move, but will give up and take plays off when his lack of stamina comes into the picture. These problems will likely relegate him to one-gap duties. He has adequate change of direction agility, looking clumsy as he narrows his base on the move (fails to keep his feet). He shows intent and effort in pursuit, but is best when he is around the ball in the short area only. His stamina problems become evident when his feet fail him and he has to pull up in long pursuit. The effort is there, but the production is lacking.
Tackling Ability Guy has the strength to delivering crunching tackles, but the effort is not consistent. He is strong enough to lock up the runner and can generate good pop on his tackles, but he tends to narrow his base often coming off the snap, which lets blockers wash him out as he loses leverage. When plays are directed at him, he is adequate to hit and wrap, doing a decent job of stopping the rusher on contact. On the move, he will overextend and grab, which prevents him from getting proper knee bend or using his hands effectively to get leverage.
Run Defense This is one of his better areas. When he stays low in his pads and gets a wide base, he flashes power and ability to get to the ball. He seems to be more combative with his hands when working around the pile, using rip moves to jerk the blocker out of the way en route to hitting the runner with impact. When he hunkers down, he generates the strength needed to gain leverage. When his motor is running, he can be tough to handle when closing, as he has the ability to jump around blocks.
Pass Rush Despite good timed speed, the suddenness and short area burst are lacking. He has to beat the blocker with his initial move or he is usually washed out of the action. He has a good spin move, but when he gets too high, he reverts to a lot of thrashing around and fails to stay in the rush lane. He can push the pocket some, but doesn't have the moves to get off and finish. His quick swim move lets him get gap penetration, but he often plays too tall, preventing him from generating much of a bull rush.
Closing on the QB Guy has the timed speed to get to the pocket, but often gives up on the rush when his first move fails. He should get more garbage sacks than he does, but is a non-factor late in games due to poor stamina. He can make plays behind the line of scrimmage due to a decent explosive burst, but when he has to run the loop or pursue long, he loses site of the quarterback, as he does not have the acceleration to close. When he comes off the line cleanly, he shows effort, but he has marginal body control in pursuit.
Instincts/Recognition Guy has marginal recognition skills when it comes to blocking schemes, as he gets washed out of the play too often because he is late to locate moving blockers, especially those attacking from the side. He doesn't really look combative fighting off double teams, despite having the foot speed to avoid them when on the move. He is much slower to react on outside running plays, possibly because he knows he does not have the feet or balance to pursue. In the box, he is good at locating the ball and will get his hands up and show awareness on passing plays, but lacks consistency and timing to deflect too many low throws.
Compares To RICKY JEAN-FRANCOIS-San Francisco…You would expect Guy's strength to help him hold ground at the point, but he does not keep his feet moving and can be ridden out. In pursuit, he will generally overextend and lose balance, as he keeps his base too narrow. He gets a good push and shows a decent swim move to gain initial gap penetration, but he is more of a finesse type than power oriented pass rusher, leading to minimal production in attempts to get to the quarterback. He lacks technique, but he has athletic talent to be worth a look at the tail end of the draft, but not in the early rounds as some experts target him. If all else fails, I would try him at offensive guard, to take advantage of his strength and athletic skills.

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