Notebook: News on CBA, Favre, Pryor

If the players put their stamp of approval on CBA on Monday, training camps could open the following Monday. Plus, a report shoots down a rumor that the Eagles are interested in signing Brett Favre.

The new league year reportedly wouldn't launch until five days after new collective bargaining agreement is finalized.

Plus, according to CBS Sports, training camps wouldn't begin until a week after deal is ratified by NFL Players Association.

Under that timetable, there would be enough time to conduct business as far as free agency before players hit the field.

And that would mean camps could open as soon as one week after Monday, with the decertified players union expected to vote as soon as this Monday.

One complaint players voiced after the owners ratified the proposed labor deal was they felt rushed to recertify and rushed to get back to work with virtually no time for a signing period.

"No way, you can't force us to sign a bad deal and shove it down our throats," Baltimore Ravens free agent cornerback Fabian Washington said in a telephone interview. "I feel like our guys, the NFLPA reps, will judge if it's a good deal or a bad deal. We want to make sure everything is right with no hidden loopholes."

"Hey, it's going to come in a hurry. I don't know how you can go into camp on Wednesday with 32 teams having to get 90 players on a roster. And you can't just sign with any team. You have to make a decision as fast as possible. It's going to be like water rolling downhill. It's going to be crazy."

Free agency could start Tuesday

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees expects free agency to begin Tuesday at noon after the labor deal is ratified Monday.

In an e-mail Brees sent to teammates obtained by a league source, the NFL Players Association executive committee member and antitrust plaintiff outlines the week ahead.

Here's the full text:

"As has been the case with this entire process, it looks like the details and schedule has changed for training camp and free agency. This is the latest although I cannot confirm anything at this point. I just want to make you aware as to what is being discussed so nothing catches you by surprise."

"Free Agency - It now looks like free agency will begin at noon on Tuesday and it will be open free agency. There will be no 3 day grace period for teams to sign their own players. It will be open for anyone to sign anywhere."

"Training Camp - It looks like the NFL is trying to force teams into camp on time. This would move us to a report date of Thursday, July 28. We would have physicals, conditioning, and meetings on this day. The day before would be a travel day and the hotel would be open that night for guys to check in as well as physicals but nothing mandatory until Thursday."

Glazer: Favre won't return to play with Eagles

Reacting to a report that Brett Favre might unretire and join the Philadelphia Eagles as the backup to Michael Vick, some cold water of reason has been applied to the conflagration.

According to FOX Sports NFL expert Jay Glazer, a pair of Eagles sources informed him that it's an "emphatic no" to Favre, 41, coming back.

This came in response to an unconfirmed WIP report from Howard Eskin.

Interesting thing, though, Michael Vick seemed to love the idea.

"I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup," Vick wrote on his Twitter account. "That will be amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career."

The odds of Favre playing again are extremely low, but he can never be completely ruled out because of his intense desire to play and tendency to change his mind.

Those closest to the legendary retired quarterback insist there won't be a third comeback after initially retiring in 2007 from the Green Bay Packers and then unretiring twice for stints with the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings.

"I would say there's less than a 1 percent chance," Scott Favre, Favre's brother, recently told the Biloxi Sun-Herald. "He is retired."

What about Favre's mother?

Well, Bonita Favre thinks it's laughable that her famous son would play in the NFL again.

"I would hope he would not do it," Bonita Favre said. "He is crazy if he does."

Pryor might not be eligible for supplemental draft

Terrelle Pryor might not be eligible for the NFL's supplemental draft - if there event is one this year. The league has yet to schedule the event due to the lockout, and Pryor doesn't meet the criteria of "unforeseen" changes for a player's petition for the draft to normally be granted.

"If there are no players eligible for a supplemental draft, there is no supplemental draft," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in an email to on Sunday. "It is for players whose circumstances have changed in an unforeseen way after the regular (college) draft. It is not a mechanism for simply bypassing the regular (draft)."

An "unforeseen way" typically includes someone who was kicked off their college team, deemed ineligible, graduated and opted to leave school, etc. However, Pryor left Ohio State voluntarily after the NFL's April draft, and the league might not want to set the precedent of players finding a loophole to skip the annual draft and then apply for the supplemental draft.

Pryor was facing a five-game suspension to start the 2011, but decided to leave the program after coach Jim Tressel resigned due to a scandal that started with Pryor and several teammates selling jerseys and other memorabilia.

Eligibility for the supplemental draft is decided on a case-by-case basis. Former Georgia running back Caleb King, who was ruled academically ineligible, has also stated his intention to petition for the supplemental draft.

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