From Cap to Camp: All the Details From CBA

An NFL source provided the official 38-page "2011 Deal Summary of Main Terms," and we have the scoop. How much is the salary cap? How many padded practices can be held during the season? How much can the rookies get paid? That and much more!

Here are some of the hot details from the new, 10-year collective bargaining agreement. Details were provided in the official, 38-page "2011 Deal Summary of Main Terms," dated July 25.

— The salary cap will be $120.375 million.

— The cap is derived by taking a percentage of "all revenues." Teams get a $1.5 percent "stadium credit" to encourage new stadiums and renovations resulting in significant increases in new revenues being included in (all revenues)."

— The players' share is calculated in what Packers president Mark Murphy called "three buckets": 55 percent of league media (TV, radio, etc.), 45 percent of NFL ventures (NFL Network, for instance) and postseason and 40 percent of local club revenues.

— After applying the stadium credit, the "lower band" — the share the players will receive — cannot be below 47 percent in 2012 through 2014, 46.5 percent in 2015 and 2015 and 46 percent in 2017 through 2020. The "guarantee of cap" is 47 percent.'

— The "league-wide cash spend" is guaranteed to be 99 percent of the salary cap in cash 2011 and 2012. The cash spent must be 95 percent in four-year periods from 2013 through 2016 and 95 percent in 2017 through 2020. The minimum team cash spend must be 89 percent in four-year periods of 2013 through 2016 and 2017 through 2020.

— Teams can spend an additional $3 million this season by taking up to $1 million off the cap for up to three players with five-plus accrued seasons. In 2012, it's the same thing but $1.5 million for three players with $500,000 salaries.

— There is no performance-based pay in 2011.

— Training camp rosters will be expanded to 90 players this year.

— Rookie contracts are limited to a total of $874 million — or $27,312,500 per team. Of that, $159 million can go into this year's salaries — or $4,968,750 per team.

— First-round picks will receive four-year contracts with a club option for Year 5. All other draft picks will sign four-year deals. Undrafted rookies are limited to three years.

— For first-round picks, the option must be exercised following the player's third season and guaranteed for skill, injury and salary cap if on the roster at the start of the fifth season.

— Picks one through 10 of the first round will receive the average salary of the top 10 players at that player's position. Picks 11 through 32 will receive the average of the top third through 25th players at that player's position. For example, Cam Newton may earn $22.03 million, plus the fifth-year option of $14.3 million, for a five-year total of $36.33 million, with those figures based on an average 5 percent growth in salaries.

— The money saved in rookie salaries — estimated at $25 million in 2012, $50 million in 2013 and $100 million in 2014, will go the Legacy Fund, veteran performance pool or "any other purpose the NFLPA may deem appropriate."

— A team's undrafted rookie class can receive signing bonuses totaling no more than $75,000, with a one-player max of $25,000.

— Minimum salaries for this year: Rookies, $375,000; first year, $450,000; second year, $525,000; third year, $600,000; fourth through sixth years, $685,000; seventh through nine years, $810,000; 10-plus years, $910,000.

— Offseason workouts are limited to nine weeks: Two weeks of strength and conditioning only (only strength and conditioning coaches are allowed on the field); three weeks of individual and "perfect play" drills (no offense vs. defense; all coaches allowed); four weeks with a maximum of 10 OTA practices over three weeks and a minicamp for the fourth week. For the minicamp, it's a maximum of 3.5 hours on the field per day, with one practice of up to 2.5 hours and a walkthrough.

— Training camp reporting date of no earlier than 15 days before the first preseason game. The first day is limited to physicals and meetings; no contact on the second and third days.

— For camp, only one padded practice per day, limited to three hours. A second, walkthrough practice may be held, with the total on-field time limited to four hours.

— For the regular season, just 14 padded practices can be held, 11 of which must be held during the first 11 weeks. The team may hold two padded practices just once in a season.

— For the postseason, one padded practice may be held per week.

— The bye week must include four consecutive days off.

— For the Legacy Fund, $620 million will be paid to former players during the 10-year agreement. Of that, 51 percent will be paid by the league and 49 percent by the players.

— The gameday roster has been increased to 46 players from 45 (and third quarterback).

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