CBA Takes 'Talk' Out of Talks

With money set in stone as part of the new collective bargaining agreement, the Packers should have no trouble getting their 10 draft picks signed. We've got the scoop, straight from the CBA and some agents.

With undrafted and veteran free agency occupying much of teams' time in the short time since the lockout ended, perhaps it's a good thing that negotiations with the draft picks should be done lickety-split.

As part of the new collective bargaining agreement, there is almost nothing for agents and teams to haggle over.

"The key is, how much can you guarantee?" explained one agent, who represents one member of the Green Bay Packers but none of their 10 draft picks.

"Just with the signing bonus but not a lot other than that," said another agent, who also doesn't represent any of the Packers' draft picks but does have a few clients on the roster.

One draft pick has signed, Tampa Bay linebacker Mason Foster, a third-round pick out of Washington. As for the Packers' 10 picks, a few agents contacted for this story said they have not heard from the Packers' negotiator, Russ Ball, to begin contract discussions.

None of the agents asked in this story expects any difficulty. That's because the NFL and NFLPA have outlined the parameters of all contracts, right down to the dollar.

First-round pick Derek Sherrod: Year 1, $1,200,364. Four-year total: $6,602,000.

Second-round pick Randall Cobb: Year 1, $583,533. Four-year total: $3,209,430.

Third-round pick Alex Green: Year 1, $503,750. Four-year total: $2,770,625.

Fourth-round pick Davon House: Year 1, $450,145. Four-year total: $2,475,799.

Fifth-round pick D.J. Williams: Year 1, $424,500. Four-year total: $2,334,750.

Sixth-round pick Caleb Schlauderaff: Year 1, $401,450. Four-year total: $2,207,975.

Sixth-round pick D.J. Smith: Year 1, $400,078. Four-year total: $2,204,331.

Sixth-round pick Ricky Elmore: Year 1, $397,059. Four-year total: $2,183,823.

Seventh-round pick Ryan Taylor: Year 1, $389,784. Four-year total: $2,143,866.

Seventh-round pick Lawrence Guy: Year 1, $386,475. Four-year total: $2,125,611.

During the labor talks, a big focus was on the "out-of-control" rookie salaries. The new CBA dealt with that, especially for players taken in the top 10 or 15 picks. However, rookies won't be hurting for money.

At No. 64 last year, Saints offensive tackle Charles Brown signed a four-year deal worth $3.1 million. However, with minimum salaries increased across the board by $55,000 season in the new CBA, Brown's extra $165,000 increases his deal to $3.265 million. That's slightly more than Cobb.

However, players taken in the third through seventh rounds are getting pay increases over the life of the contracts.

At No. 96 last year, Cincinnati gave Brandon Ghee a four-year deal worth $2.443 million. Tack on the extra $165,000, and Ghee's contract goes to about $2.61 million. Green will make about $163,000 more. Going to the end of the draft, the Packers gave defensive end C.J. Wilson, the 230th overall pick, $1.84 million over four years. The increased minimum salaries will increase Wilson's deal to $2.0 million. Guy, taken three picks later, will earn about $121,000 more.

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