Few Minutes With ... Ryan Grant

The running back talks about his health and why he decided he needed to sprint 60 yards every time he touches the ball during training camp.

Packer Report tackled Ryan Grant in the Green Bay Packers' locker room earlier this week.

Are you relieved to be back?

I'm past that relief stuff. You get past that relief stuff after a couple of days. Then you get sore and you get tired. It feels good, of course, to be back out with the guys.

Do you need to get tackled a few times on Saturday?

Honestly, I don't see any issue. I've been rolled up on a bunch of times in this camp, been stepped on a bunch of times in this camp. It's not going to get much worse than that. As long as I'm running fast, I should be all right.

As someone who's played in a few preseason games, is this just a preseason game or something more?

It's a preseason game because it's a preseason game, but at the same time, I'm going to use it for what I need to use it for, get back in the swing of things. I think preseason games are super important individually. You can go into the game with a mind-set of what you actually want to work on fundamentally. For me, get back in the swing of things, get back that game speed, make sure my reaction time (is good), make sure I'm fundamentally sound, make sure I'm doing the right thing and communicating with A-Rod and the line. I expect to be good, play fast and have fun.

Knowing you, you'd be OK with splitting carries with James Starks, but would that be odd to you, considering you've been "the guy" since the middle of 2007?

It was odd for me to be out last year. I'm past that odd stuff.

I know, but would that be strange? You had almost 80 percent of the running back carries in 2008 and 2009?

It can't be any more strange than me missing the whole year and watching my team play in the Super Bowl. You adjust. You guys should know that: This whole game's about adjustments.

I talked to you about this last year, but I always admire how you run 40, 50, 60 yards every time you get the ball. I don't notice a lot of guys following your lead.

I'm not doing it for other guys to do it. I'm doing it for myself to set an example of how we should practice. A-Rod's said that, as well, that he wants guys to look at the way I practice. Some guys follow, some guys don't. It's an individual thing. I don't look at anybody differently if they don't. Different guys practice different.

Why did you decide to do that?

You know how I decided to do that? I was in high school and I broke out on a run and I slowed down and the guy swiped my back (but) I scored. I came to the sideline and I said, ‘Did he catch me?' He was like, ‘He almost did. You slowed down.' I was like, ‘I'm never going to slow down again.' That's why when I run, I run through the whole end zone. I always thought when preparing to break runs, you've got to be used to breaking runs. It's like anything else, you can't come off the edge slow. Your body has to get used to doing that. It's a mental thing. It's like attacking the safety, so when it does happen in game situations, you're able to do that. I don't think I've gotten caught when I break out. It's a preparation thing for me.

Have you been doing less of that this year?

I haven't been able to do it as much because we've done a lot of move-the-ball, which is great for us to get used to the movement, but because I have to come right back (to the huddle), they always tell me, ‘R.G., you can't finish the way you do,' because I slow the drill down.

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