LeRoy Butler looks back

LeRoy Butler's Packer career spanned a dozen years, but what transpired during that decade-plus was enough for several football lifetimes. A year and a half after his career-ending shoulder injury, the successful safety has a unique perspective on his team and his tenure.<P> Today we begin a series on Butler's comments on his Packer career and his life after football. Part I: The early days.<p>

Just weeks after the most recent NFL Draft, Butler recalled his feelings about being a life-long Floriday resident drafted by Green Bay:

"It was interesting to get drafted to the Green Bay Packers because they had so much tradition," Butler told a reporter during a charitable event appearance in Kenosha, Wis. "The fans were just fantastic.

"Coming from Florida State, I was used to winning 10,11 games every year. In 1991 we only won six and then in 1991 we won four...I jused to talk to a lot of my friends, like Deion Sanders. He won a Super Bowl in Dallas and another one in San Francisco. I was like, 'Wow, I'm never going to win a Super Bowl in Green Bay.' But it turned around and I was very fortunate to win one."

Butler has always been a savvy player, whether tracking down receivers and picking off errant passes or fielding reporters' questions as the most quotable player in the lockerroom. Those insticts must been on alert when new hires Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren walked through the Lombardi Avenue doors because Butler said he knew they were something special because of the success and supporting cast that came along with them.

"When we got Ron Wolf, I remember being in that meeting after we beat Minnesota and he said 'We're going to make some changes.' I was the only guy in that meeting who was still playing," butler said. "When (Wolf) brought coach Holmgren in, at first we didn't really know a whole lot about him. He was in San Francisco, we knew he had worked with Steve Young, had won a Super Bowl. He brought Ray Rhodes with him and how you could see the remainders of the good success they had out on the West Coast bringing it to Green Bay. All the framework was coming in and it worked out really well."

Part II: Butler teams up with Brett Favre.

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