Williams Sustains Shoulder Bruise

Coach Mike McCarthy provides a medical update on Tramon Williams and more during his news conference on Friday. We had the highlights from the media auditorium.

Tramon Williams has a shoulder bruise and will be evaluated further on Wednesday, coach Mike McCarthy said on Monday.

"He's been looked at, and they've classified it as a bruise. It was positive from what we thought it might be," coach Mike McCarthy said.

The news was an obvious relief to McCarthy. Williams intercepted nine passes last season, including three in the playoffs.

"No doubt about it. Tramon's a Pro Bowl-caliber football player. He's a young man who we rely a lot on. He's a big part of our defense, and he allows us to play certain ways in almost every situation. Definitely. You don't ever want to see any of your players go through serious injuries. We understand the bumps and bruises are part of it. So it was a positive report this morning."

Also ...

- McCarthy said the players will not practice on Saturday and Sunday, though workouts are scheduled each morning, and will return to practice on Monday. That will be followed by an off day on Tuesday before getting on the regular Wednesday-through-Friday practice schedule.

"We're working Monday, and then I want to get the players on a normal seven-day routine," McCarthy said. "That's very important. I've always felt that is something you try to get to as fast as you can. Frankly, I really liked playing the game last night. I mean, liked playing the game for obvious reasons, especially at home last night. But coming off a seven-day workout schedule from your last preseason game to your first game, I thought it was very beneficial for your team because it gets you into that week rhythm. And regularity's very important to training a football team. It gives them a chance to catch their breath after a different training camp, get your first win under your belt, and we want to get on that seven-day work week for the next seven weeks leading up to the bye. That's why we're going work Monday, half-day off Tuesday and then we'll go to a normal Wednesday schedule all the way through."

- The coaches will be off on Saturday and will do their individual prep on Sunday. "Those guys have already started with the preseason work."

- Cobb messed up on touchdowns but was decisive, which allowed everybody else to adjust. "It was a hell of a technique as far as running the ball."

- Environment last night: Never experienced any type of opening game like last night. Called it "biggest stage" he'd been a part of.

- Woodson's punch and penalty: Said spoke with Woodson in the morning "but I think he said it best: he made a mistake. He's one of our key guys that our younger players look to."

- Hopes tackling problems will be solved by playing more games at game speed. Said players were playing "too fast." It's about playing technique and fundamentals. More tackling work on Wednesday and Thursday. Said 10 missed tackles as a team. That's generally a strength, he said.

- Special teams coverage: Understood the explosiveness of Sproles. Starts with ball placement and then cover the kick. "We didn't do a very good job of all on those two big plays. Had a chance to watch it, learn from it and it's something that you can't have. He was a big factor of getting back in the game."

- Rodgers being motivated by questions over lack of offseason workouts: "He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, based on the way he's come into this league. I think that's a great thing. He's an extremely motivated young man. His comments, that's really a product of too much time between games." Said story lines and opinions were created during that time.

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