Encore Not on Newton's Radar

The top overall pick had a monster game against Arizona but knows a big challenge awaits against the Packers' Super Bowl defense.

Cam Newton stunned critics last Sunday with an incredible performance in his first game against the Arizona Cardinals.

So, what will he do as an encore this Sunday against Green Bay?

Newton laughed at the question before saying, "I don't go into each game trying to top the last game because if I go into it like that, well, my man Tom Brady takes the whole prize. What he did a couple of days ago was nuts."

Newton was referring to Brady's incredible game Monday night against Miami in which he threw for 517 yards and four touchdowns, dwarfing Newton's 422 yards and two touchdown passes in his first NFL game at Arizona.

Of course, everyone has come to expect it from Brady.

Newton's outing was a stunner especially after a mediocre preseason where questions lingered about his throwing motion and accuracy.

Newton put all of that to rest for now by completing 24-of-37 passes while looking extremely poised in the pocket.

"I just go in and be coachable and take the things I've been practicing all week and find a way to comfortable," Newton said. "Who knows what will happen after that."

The Panthers now know they have a legitimate franchise quarterback, a guy who can compete at the NFL level and give them a chance to win week in and week out.

Despite his performance, Newton wasn't focused on the positives, but rather the missed opportunities against Arizona.

"Anytime we have chances to put points on the board or have the potential to put them on the board we can't shoot ourselves in the foot," Newton said.

Now that Newton has shown what he can, the Panthers will look to make sure he does it on a consistent basis.

"You know, he's coming from the background of offense where he's running the ball 20 times a game to being a drop-back passer and seeing full-field reads," offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski said. "That's new. He's done a great job of applying himself and learning.

"Now he still has a lot to learn. And we talked about watching the tape and correcting things. If he continues with the attitude he's had and being hungry and wanting to be a great player, then he'll continue to improve and get better. As time goes on, we'll see consistency."

As for facing the Packers' defense led by Dom Capers, Newton said, "I don't think there has to be anything said. They are at the top of the mountain and everybody is shooting to take what they have. They are an excellent team.

"They do great things on offensive side of the ball but I think there defense gets them out of so many potential risks. They have so much talent from the defensive backs on down to the defensive linemen."

The Packers will present a challenge in that they play a physical 3-4 defense.

"It's a learning process across the board," Chudzinski said. "One of the things in this league is that you're going to see a lot of different defenses and a lot of different styles of defense. Seeing that has been a valuable learning experience for him over the course of the preseason. It's not just the fronts, it's the coverages, it's the pressures, it's the looks. And in this league there's so much about matchups and the players that are there

"Cover-2 is different because this guy does it this way or that way. That's something that he's learning that's different. You can't worry about what happened yesterday -- good or bad -- because you have to prepare for the next week. That's something we talked about."

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