Butler's legacy: The Lambeau Leap

Part 3 of a series.<P> Someday, another safety will play as many games in a Packer uniform as LeRoy Butler. Someday, a newcomer will eclipse Butler's impressive combined sack and interception totals. One honor, however, will always be his, and his alone:<p> The Lambeau Leap.<P>

In Part 3 of our series, Butler recalled the tradition's origins when he looked back on his Packer career.

When fans in the south end zone found LeRoy Butler in their laps after a touchdown during the Dec. 26,1993 season finale, they couldn't have known they had a front row seat – and then some – to Packer history.

Here's Butler's recollection, recounted for the Kenosha (Wis.) News during the safety's visit there last week:

"The Lambeau Leap was just phenomenal," Butler said. "It was 32-below zero, we were playing a West Coast team (the Raiders), and when they left L.A. it was like 75. So,when they get here in Green Bay, it was freezing. I remember Tim Brown getting off the bus kicking the snow, saying, ‘Oh, man it's so col.' Vince Evans threw a swing pass out to running back Randy Jordan. I caused a fumble, Reggie White picks it up and starts running. (Raiders center) Steve Wisniewski grabs him and swings him around because Reggie's tryng to score himself. Bryce Paup was laying on th ground and I jumped over Bryce Paup, caught the ball and as I'm running down the field – and it was hunting season – I saw this fluorescent orange, and the next thing you know I was pointing like I'm going to jump. And all of the people in that corner of the south end zone, they ran down to like the sides and when I jumped up there, they caught me.

"I just remember it being so loud,"Butler said. "I got a standing ovation through the extra point and when we were getting ready to kick off, they were still standing. After that day, that's all everybody would talk about.

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