Butler takes sentimental journey to Super Bowl

Part four of a series<P> No matter if a player's career is one year or 21 years, the goal is the same: A Super Bowl victory. Safety LeRoy Butler accomplished much in his 12 years in Green Bay, and realized his dream at the end of his seventh season when the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI.<p>

In another installment of our series on LeRoy Butler, he recounts his favorite moment of Green Bay's 35-21 victory over the New England Patriots in New Orleans, remembering it as if it happened yesterday:

"Individually, it has be in the Super Bowl," Butler told the Kenosha News when asked to name his most meaningful professional accomplishment. "It was a situation where I was blitzing, I had a guy (Patriots halfback Dave Meggett) blocking me, and I didn't give up on the play and I pushed him all the way back to the quarterback and I sacked Drew Bledsoe.

"I had (Meggett) in one hand and Drew Bledsoe in another – just pulled him down. I still look at it on tape and say ‘Man, that was just a great play.' So that's one of my favorite memories."

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