Rookie adjusts to NFL

Defensive tackle Kenny Peterson, selected in the third round by the Green Bay Packers in the recent NFL draft, will be entering his second minicamp next week. If he continues to impress coaches the way he did in the post-draft minicamp, Peterson may be contributing on a consistent basis this season for the Packers.<p>

The Ohio State product held his own in one-on-one pass-rushing drills during the recent camp, giving the Packers hope that he may be able to succeed veteran Gilbert Brown at nose tackle. Brown remains unsigned, but many expect that he will re-sign with the Packers before the start of training camp in mid-July.

Here is how Peterson reacted to questions from the media at the post-draft minicamp:

On if a lot of information is being thrown at him:

"A lot of things we ran at Ohio State (but) the terminology is a little different. I adjusted pretty well, and a lot of older guys helped me to adjust and fine-tune some things."

On making the transition from college to the pros:

"I would like to think I will make the transition pretty well and pretty quick with the help of the coach and the older guys. I'm a small fish in a big pond. They've got to help me grow."

On what he learned in his first practice:

"Use my hands and don't expose my chest because those offensive lineman have a hellified punch."

On if he is familiar with brats and beer:

"I'm 24 years old and never drank (alcohol) before. I don't even know what beer tastes like. Never smoked nothing in my life. As far as brats, I'm more of a hamburger type of guy."

On the speed of the game:

"The tempo is a lot faster. You've got to learn and processing is a lot faster. For the most part, you just pay attention and take notes. It's kind of like school."

On positions he is playing in camp:

"Just playing tackle."

On sliding to the third round:

"Of course you always want to go high. Unfortunately things happen for a reason. It's all in God's plan. I'm just doing what I'm doing."

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