McCarthy on Monday: Losing Game, Bulaga

Coach Mike McCarthy just wrapped up his weekly day-after-the-game news conference. Among the topics: The team's state of mind after its first loss and the health of right tackle Bryan Bulaga.

We will be reporting on-the-fly from the Lambeau Field media auditorium for coach Mike McCarthy's 3 p.m. news conference. Refresh often starting then for updates.

OK, here we go ...

- Bryan Bulaga's sprained left kneecap: Will be "challenged" to play this week.

- Derek Sherrod had surgery and is still down in Kansas City.

- Same knee, different injury for Bulaga.

- Won't say whether Sherrod had screws or rod installed. Will hopefully be back in GB this week.

- Anything else with Sherrod: My understanding is it's a broken leg.

- It's next guy up with the offensive line. "We're in a little bit of that mode right now," comparing it to last year. Thompson and personnel staff looking at options. Potentially might add someone by Wednesday.

- "Safe to say" they'll line up with the guy who finished Sunday's game.

- Clifton: Knocking on podium ... individual drills on Wednesday. "We feel he's reached that point."

- Clifton: Hamstring is fine; back is issue in rehab. "You're never really going to know about the hamstring until he gets out there."

- Team is better prepared to handle injuries because of how they fared last season. "I think we're prepared." Just talked about it in team meeting. "We're not going to restrict anything."

- Had opportunities to win game but they made more plays. Film never as bad or never as good as you think. All problems are physical and will be corrected.

- "Very accountable group."

- Dropped passes NYG and now KC: "We're not catching the ball as well as we've had. It's something that we'll continue to work on." Will practice outside Wednesday and Thursday, which should help.

- Mike Neal played 12 snaps, based on personnel. Played more base than we would have liked to, based on the way the game unfolded.

- Pickett: "I think he's having his best year as a Green Bay Packer." ... "He factors every single week. It didn't help us not having him, that's for sure."

- What was today like: Lots of meetings, like typical, since Victory Monday only began recently.

- Been a year since last loss. Different mood: Very quiet, and that's not been the norm for 12 months. Very quiet plane ride home last night, and understandably so. Everyone's disappointed ... with the opportunity to have an undefeated season."

- Missed replay chance on Pope catch. Happened on other side of field. Takes blame; felt it wasn't conclusive. Showed replays on Jumbotron and didn't feel that it was clear. Decided not to make emotional decision to challenge based on player reaction. Didn't want to burn a timeout. "I was hesitant and the initial communication was his foot stepped out," he thought the same on replay. - "Coaching tape, it's a close call. ... In hindsight, yeah, it cost us three points and would have had a little more time on the clock."

- Onside kick: Based on way game was going, you give offense one chance to get ball back or two. "I took the higher risk of going onside kick."

- Defense failed to get stop, with Zombo in place of Walden at OLB: Not mulling any options based on one situation in the game. The linebacker position change was something Kevin Greene felt. Walden remains starter.

- 19-game streak second-longest in history: "I havent' really reflected upon it ... it is two seasons." "I didn't spend a lot of time cherishing the ride, no."

- Thought Lang battled at right tackle. It wasn't as pretty as you'd expect. I feel very confident. T.J. can play four positions on our offensive line and is training at center, too."

- Dungy says McCarthy should be concerned. Your thoughts: "I feel very good about our football team. We're 13-1. Our team understands the roller-coaster ride that everyone likes to take you on. ... It's important to stay in touch with reality." ... Not going to react to one game.

- Doesn't believe in theory that a loss is a good thing, or not a bad thing. "I'd like to think our team comes to work each day. ... It's a long year. We line up to play to win them all. We didn't win the one yesterday. Give credit to Kansas City." Didn't do a good enough job getting the team ready. Impressed by Chiefs during film study before game.

- If Pittsburgh wins and GB clinches tonight: McCarthy knows how he feels now and can't wait for Christmas tonight. Playing for Chicago, no different than Week 1 or Week 10. Won't change decisions based on resting or playing to win.

- That's all from here ...

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