'Twas Night Before Christmas, Packer Style

Get in the spirit for Sunday night's game between the Packers and Bears at Lambeau Field. A showdown of teams each heading their own way, an outcome to be determined, on Christmas Day.

This poem was submitted by Greg Bartz of Lakeland, Fla. Bartz grew up two blocks from Lambeau Field and spent his first 22 years living in Green Bay. "I still live and die with them every year," he said. "I can only hope the fellas bring the Lombardi Trophy back home for another year, where it rightfully belongs."

Twas the night before Christmas and all through Titletown
The Packer fans rested, the Bears were in town
A showdown of teams each heading their own way
An outcome to be determined, on Christmas Day

The Bears were being led by a lad named McCown
The defense prepared to take this kid down
Capers was planning his usual two man front
Mac knew the offense would keep them in the hunt

When out on the horizon the sun would arise
For Packer fans on Christmas Day, a win was their prize
Not deterred by a loss in Kansas City last week
Home field advantage was at stake, no time to be weak

Gifts were opened early Christmas Day by family and friends
So nothing interrupted Packer traditions and trends
The game wasn't ‘til late, the kickoff at eight
So get to the stadium, the day would be great

On Oly, on Vany, on Byron and crew
Set up the grills and pass out the brew
The nation was watching to see if the Pack would rebound
To that lackluster performance, no excuses were found

It's time for our leaders to stand up and say
"Get your shot together and get out there and play"
The injuries are mounting, it's still no excuse
Vince would never allow for that to be used

No time to allow our archrivals o win
Grab home field advantage, and then you can grin
But before that happens, the Bears do await
What we need is our offense, to put up 48

Who doesn't like seeing, the Bears get a beating
It's almost as much fun as seeing Ohio State cheating
Let's not forget, one win we still need
That would surely, give us home field

When the Bears have been beat and run out of town
Their play-off hopes gone, they left with a frown
The play-offs will be here, we know they loom
You can bet I will be watching from my Florida living room

A repeat of Super Bowls sure would be sweet
To overcome injuries twice, what an amazing feat
So play your game, no matter the foe
Beat each one down and onward we go

To Indy indeed to play in the show
They have a dome, so don't worry about snow
Bring Lombardi's prize home, where it belongs
Let it reside in Green Bay, for who knows how long

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