McCarthy on Monday: To Play or Not to Play

Coach Mike McCarthy sheds some light on his plans for next week's season-finale against Detroit. Among the highlights: The Packers will be playing to win and Chad Clifton will play, if he's healthy after a full week of practice.

We are reporting live from coach Mike McCarthy's Monday press conference. Refresh for details ...

- Injury updates: James Starks will be "challenged" to practice on Wednesday. It's now both ankles for Starks. Right ankle this time.

- Chad Clifton: Hoping can get through another week of practice and play on Sunday against Detroit.

- Clifton is fully cleared. Can go during Thursday's padded practice. "We're ready to move to the next step."

- "I want Chad Clifton to play in this game. He knows that, and that's the goal."

- More Clifton: "For him to be comfortable. Chad's played a lot of football for us." Feedback has been "very good" throughout rehab. Needs to see live action.

- Bulaga is "getting close."

- Thought the offensive line played "very well." O-line will receive the game ball on Wednesday.

- Pickett: Pickett is going through more testing now and is getting "real close." Not sure about Wednesday's practice.

- Pickett is best run defender up front. Sunday's game was "not in line" with expectations. Worst performance from "pure grading standpoint." Plenty of blame to go around ... discipline, gap integrity, fundamentals.

- "We need to have an improved effort against Detroit."

- 2007 finale, when McCarthy rested most of his players or took them out early. "Every team's different." All decisions were individual decisions.

- Draws from 2007 and 2009 experiences but will do what's best "for this team."

- "We're preparing to win this game." Wants to sweep division and get to 15-1.

- "We're approaching this game just like the other ones."

- No. 1 seed hasn't meant much recently. Does momentum mean more: "It's quality of play," which includes momentum. "Who plays football best at the end of the year wins games."

- Zombo inactive: Combination of special teams and "things that are going on." Was healthy.

- So'oto: "This is not preseason. It's definitely a misconception" about playing this game like a preseason game. "It was important for Vic to be playing the game because he earned the opportunity."

- So'oto also played some defensive end on Sunday. Did some good things.

- No penalties vs. Chicago: Doesn't recall that happening before. No penalties, no turnovers is good formula for winning.

- Stafford: "Most impressive characteristic" is Stafford's ability to have long drives.

- Coverage units vs. Hester: "Special teams played very well," starting with Masthay and Crosby. "Winning performance" by special teams.

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