Crouch tries hand at kick returns

When is the last time you saw a quarterback return a kick? Packer QB hopeful Eric Crouch admits that it's a little unusual for field general to answer the call to field kicks, but he's willing to try anything to make a go of it in Green Bay.<P>

"It's crazy," Crouch said after practice Tuesday. "A lot of quarterbacks aren't really willing to do that and get out there and catch (punts or kicks) and run. It's something I feel comfortable with."

Crouch, the 2001 Heisman Trophy winner from Nebraska, feels he has a shot at more traditional role as backup QB, but has changed his mind about the possibility of "branching out."

Last season with the St. Louis Rams, Crouch returned kickoffs in preseason but at the time said he wasn't comfortable with the switch.

Now, after coming out of retirement to try to win a spot in Green Bay. But with Doug Pederson in the No. 2 spot and Craig Nall tearing up NFL Europe, he knows the returnman assignment may be his best shot

But don't look for Crouch to double as a punt returner, at least not yet because it might take awhiel to shake off the rust. He hasn't returned a punt since he was a junior in high school.

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