From the Locker Room: Scouting the Giants

The Packers' players and coaches provide scouting reports on several of the Giants' top players heading into today's NFC divisional showdown, including insight from Dom Capers, Eli Manning, Joe Whitt and Bryan Bulaga, Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings.

Green Bay Packers players and coaches break down some of the New York Giants' top players:

Packers defense vs. Giants offense

Dom Capers, on Giants' offense

"They certainly looked impressive against Atlanta. Atlanta did a good job and it was a close game early. As we know with their playmaking abilities, they kinda broke the game open both with big runs and with big passes. That was kind of the way the Dallas game was. It was a tight game early and they have a third-and-1 and they hit Cruz in the flat and he breaks a tackle and goes the distance. They had them backed up, they missed a tackle, they got a first down, and the next thing you know, they hit another big play and they're up 14-0. You've got to execute against this team because they have the ability to run the ball efficiently, and I think that's where it starts with them. They have a very good play-pass game. They're very protection-conscious in their drop-back throwing game. They don't want you to get to the quarterback, and Eli's throwing the ball very accurately."

LB A.J. Hawk, on the Giants' offense

"They have a ton of weapons. Obviously, Eli's playing really well. They've got a really good group of receivers. You've got to find a way to limit their big plays. That's what our coaches have been telling us: That's an offense that thrives on making big plays. We need to make sure we limit those to as few as possible. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel. It's a pretty simple game, when it comes down to it. We have to find a way to be more physical and make more plays. I think this is going to be a good old-fashioned, smash-mouth kind of game."

QB Aaron Rodgers, on Giants QB Eli Manning

"I don't know if it was Justin Tuck, or one of those guys said, ‘You can't spell elite without the e-l-i.' I thought that was pretty intelligent there. But he's played great, for the majority of his career, especially the last five, six years he's been at the top of his game. It's fun to watch. He throws the ball efficiently, he has good feel in the pocket, he's a winner, he's consistent. He's playing great, which makes it difficult for our defense. Offensively, you've got to expect them to play well and us to need to score some points."

LB A.J. Hawk, on getting Eli Manning on the move

"Just like a lot of quarterbacks, if you can find a way to get him off his spot – don't just let him sit back there. He's a big guy – 6-5, 6-6, a big, tall guy looking over the linemen. Don't give him an open throwing lane. If we can get guys in his face to make him shuffle his feet and move around, you can hopefully force some bad throws. I think Clay's interception is a great example of that from last time. The last time, D.J. Smith got in his face and Eli had to move around and make a quick throw and Clay jumped it."

CBs coach Joe Whitt, on Giants WRs Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks

"Cruz is one of the top receivers in the league. He has a great ability to get in and out of his hips. He can catch the ball and he's good with the ball after the catch. Nicks is a guy that has really big, strong hands and can really catch the ball up the field. He's a strong receiver, so if you get to the jump point, he has big, strong hands so he get you off of him. Both of those guys are elite receivers, especially Cruz."

CB Jarrett Bush, on Giants WR Victor Cruz

"He's a breakout player. Obviously, he's not as big and not as physical as Hakeem but he's shifty, a real good route-runner and really good after the catch. If he does catch the ball, it's got to be catch-tackle – don't let him get yards after the catch."

DE Ryan Pickett, on tackling burly Giants RB Brandon Jacobs

"He's like a house that runs a 4.5. It's unbelievable. You've got to get him before he gets downhill too good, or when you hit him, he falls forward for 4 or 5 yards. You've got to do a good job of making him stop his feet in the hole. ... If you make his shuffle his feet and restart, he's a different running back. If you just give him a lane, when he starts downhill, it's tough to stop him."

Packers offense vs. Giants defense

OL coach James Campen, on depth of Giants defensive line

"Their rotation of seven is as good as anybody's. We've also played against good seven-man rotations and played well in games, so we're used to seeing fresh people. As people rotate in for two or three and then come out for two and three, they stay relatively fresh. That is something that we are accustomed to dealing with. It's not like it's foreign to us."

OT Marshall Newhouse on Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul

"He's active and he doesn't quit on plays. He plays hard and he's very athletic and that helps him out a lot. They're all pretty versatile. They'll line up on either side, they can bump down inside, they can walk them around. That's what makes it tough. You've got to locate them and then be all on the same page."

Packers RT Bryan Bulaga on Giants DL Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck

"They're all good pass rushers and smart players. They're all pretty good against the run, too. It's a good front. Osi is quick, he's lean, gets upfield real quick. JPP can do a little bit of everything. He's got good speed, good length, can power very well. Tuck, he's a veteran player, a big-bodied guy, strong, long arms. He can hit you with a quick hand move but also can turn it right into a bull rush. They all have a little bit of everything. Osi can bull rush, too. They all have the full package."

QB Aaron Rodgers, on the Giants' defensive line

"I think you have to listen to your feet and be patient in your progressions. But you have to know that they've got the ability to get to the passer. It starts with protection any week, regardless of who we're playing. This week it's a tough front. Those guys are relentless in getting to the passer, they're playing really well as a whole. There hasn't been those occasional holes that we saw a few weeks ago when we played them, we kind of hit them when they dropped a couple coverages. There hasn't been those kinds of mistakes in their defense. They've been playing really sound together and it's going to be a challenge."

WR Greg Jennings, on Giants CB Corey Webster

"Good player. Very fundamentally sound, physical, really uses his hands at the line. As far as top-end speed, probably not the fastest guy but he really knows how to use his savvy and his experience to make sure he's not getting beat deep. I like him as a corner. I've faced him quite a bit now. We kind of know what to expect. We've got some different things that he has to see with Jordy, myself, James, Driver and sometimes even Jermichael. It's going to be a challenge for him as well as for us."

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