Lombardi, Lambeau statues commissioned

Ever heard of Julie or Omri Rotblatt-Amrany? Didn't think so. How about Michael Jordan? The millions of people who have flocked past the Jordan statue at Chicago's United Center are more familiar with the Rotblatt-Amranys than they think. The couple sculpted the Jordan figure, as well as the tiger statues at Detroit's Comerica Park.<P> Now they'll take on a double-dose of greatness; the Rotblatt-Amranys are commissioned to create sculptures of Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau.<P>

The $2205,000 statue project, slated for completion in August, are part of the $295 million Lambeau Feild renovation. The team is financing the portion of the project which includes the statues.

Packer President Bob Harlan has taken a special interest in this project, working closely with the Rotblatt-Amranys, who are from Highland Park, Ill.

Harlan envisioned the images he wanted of each man. The Lombardi statue will depict his classic sideline stance with hands behind his back. The facial expression is derived from the photograph on the cover of David Maraniss' book "When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi."

The concept for the Lambeau statue comes from a photograph selected by Harlan. It shows Lambeau holding a football in one hand and pointing with the other.

The artists cited London's Piccadilly Circus as their vision because visitors will be able to sit around the bases of the statues just as they do at the London attraction.

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