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Did the Packers' winning record in the face of devasting injuries help their outlook more than the crushing playoff loss hurt it? Mike Sherman recently shared his philosophy on that topic:<p>

"I'd much rather be in the position that I'm in, where you've won 12 games and you're able to maintain a certain status quo through the regular season, than to be 4-12 and trying to convince the team, ‘We can do this,'" Sherman was quoted as saying in a recent national column. "I think we can come back and do a better sell job than the other (situation allows)."

The coach is not brushing off the loss to Atlanta at Lambeau, but hopes to build on the experience, he said.

"Yeah, it was a crushing defeat at the end of the season. As a coach, you put so much into the season. The players (do), too. When it doesn't work out the way you want it to work out -- and that's the case for 31 teams last year -- it's disappointing.

"But that's part of the beauty of this whole deal. We get them back together, we reinvent ourselves and we go do it again." Sherman said he thinks the team has used the 2002 experiences as a rallying point. The intensity level so far may just prove him right; this is a team that knows it can overcome adversity.

"To win at the clip we won, considering all of the injuries we had, we accomplished something there," Sherman said in the column. "A lot of teams haven't been able to win and lose players at the rate we lost them. Atlanta had a great day. In spite of the injuries, I would have liked to see us win that game."

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