Flanagan staying put

Packers coach Mike Sherman is optimistic about the injury situation on the offensive line. His plan to keep Mike Flanagan at center amounts to a vote of confidence for the recovery of tackles Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher.<P>

"I haven't considered moving Flanagan to tackle because the docvytors have assured me that Chad will be ready to go," Sherman said.

Flanagan had to move to left tackle for seven games last season after Clifton suffered a pelvis injury. Tauscher was out for all but two games last season due to knee sugery. Both will begin a modified workout program in trainng camp and are expected to miss at least the first two preseason games.

In the Packers minicamps this season, Flanagan remained at center while Jerry Wisne and Kevin Barry filled the tackle spots. Rookie Brennan Curtin and free-agents Reggie Coleman and Marcus Spriggs are also in the mix.

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