More QB Trivia

Ever since Brett Favre took over the Packer helm, summer is the time to shine for backup QBs who know they'll be collecting dust on the bench come fall. Find out how much you remember about these sometimes not-so-memorable backups.<P>

1. Which of Brett Favre's backups was the highest draft pick by the Packers? A. Mark Brunell B. Aaron Brooks C. Craig Nall D. Ronnie McAda 2. Which of Brett Favre's backups rallied the Dolphins to a 19-14 victory Nov. 13, 1993 to provide Don Shula with his NFL record 325th victory? A. Jim McMahon B. Billy Joe Tolliver C. Doug Pederson D. T.J. Rubley 3. Entering 2002, who threw the most passes while backing up Brett Favre? A. Matt Hasselbeck B. Ty Detmer C. Doug Pederson D. Mark Brunell 4. Which of Brett Favre's backups once wore No. 5 with the Packers? A. Aaron Brooks B. Henry Burris C. Danny Wuerffel D. Don Majkowski. ANSWERS: 1. A, Mark Brunell. The Packers plucked Brunell off the campus of the University of Washington with the 118th overall pick in the fifth round of the 1993 draft. 2. C, Doug Pederson. With the Dolphins trailing by one, Pederson replaced the injured Scott Mitchell and rallied Miami to a pair of field goals to give Shula his historic victory. 3. A, Matt Hasselbeck. The Boston College product threw 29 passes as Favre's understudy in 1999 and 2000. Brunell is second with 27 attempts while Pederson is third with 24. Majkowski had 53 attempts in 1992 but none of them came while serving as Favre's sub. 4. D, Don Majkowski. In his rookie season of 1987, the Packers assigned "Majik" the number that Paul Hornung made famous.

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