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Green still growing

Part one of a series<P> Ahman Green's years in Green Bay have turned him from "experimental" to "exceptional." The fourth-year Packer cruised to the top of the depth chart and doesn't plan to slow down. He spoke about his personal potential during a recent visit to Southeastern Wisconsin to promote asthma awareness.<P>

As he prepares for his quest for a fourth-consecutive 1,000-yard rushing season,Ahman Green talked about room for improvement:

"You always want to get better. I could rush for 2,000 yards and want to be at 2,500. No matter what it is, I always try to improve. I get mad when I lose to the computer when I'm playing video games."

"I want to be an all-around running back. I want to run for more yards, catch more balls and be ready to knock a guy's head off when he comes on a blitz. If I continue to improve every year, I'll have no complaints.

On his performance at minicamp:

"It went okay. I felt I could have done better in terms of catching the ball. I was just kind of slow on that. I'm going to starting hitting the Jugs machine. I dropped a lot of balls I usually catch. I had a new pair of glowves that I've never used before and I ended up going back to my old pair. By the time training camp comes along, I better be on it."

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