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Stadium project nears finish line

Unless an earthquake strikes Green Bay, the Lambeau Field renovation project will be "substantially" complete by the end of July. Hammes Co. project manager Stuart Zadra says that the $295 million project is nearly 95 percent finished and within the budget.<p>

"We're nearing completion and it is real easy to see the finish line right now," Zadra said during a media tour of the stadium on Wednesday.

The seating in the bowl of the stadium is complete. Workers are currently finishing up in the following areas: the indoor club seating high above the north end zone, both scoreboards, restaurants and others amenities within the Atrium, the parking lot, and landscaping around the stadium.

"Substantial completion is the architect certifying that this building has been built per the drawings and specifications that they have designed, and is complete with the exception of 'punch lists' and any remaining warranty work," Zadra explained. "So there will be ongoing work in terms of touching up drywall and handrails, and any other things that might fall into that category."

The 71,500-seat stadium will feature about 3,200 indoor club seats and 3,000 outdoor club seats. The indoor club seats feature more restrooms, concession areas and expansive corridors that allow a lot of natural light. Waitresses will be on hand during games to take orders and serve fans in their seat.

"Last year we were putting in about $20 million a month at this time of year," Zadra said. "Now we're down to about five-and-a-half to $6 million."

The Packer Hall of Fame is scheduled to open in early August. Highlights of the 18,000-square-foot sanctuary for Packers fans include a theatre; time line exhibit; kids area; special mini locker room (on a smaller scale to the Packers' current football-shaped locker room) that will feature lockers of 20 Packers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including James Lofton; a separate room at end of tour that features Packers and contributors inducted by Packer Hall of Fame; and Green Bay's three Super Bowl trophies on display.

The Atrium's restaurants, including Chili John's Cafe, Brett Favre's Two-Minute Grill, Fratello's Presto and the Meat Packing Co., and restrooms are expected to be complete by early August. They will feature a brick facade and retro lighting.

Favorable weather during the last two years of the redevelopment enabled the project to cruise toward the finish line.

"We'll finish on time," Zadra said. "The substantial completion date is July 31. We'll meet that date. (Because) of the progress of the job, we were able to re-sequence some work that allowed the south endzone to get done early, which has really made it much easier to get a much more normal construction sequence on the north end without hardly any overtime at all."

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