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Green in Gotham City? Only in the movies

Part two of a series<P> Ahman Green may look like a super hero on the field, but like his favorite comic book "good guy," Green gets the job done without the benefit of super powers, just his own blood, sweat and talent. On a recent visit to Southeastern Wisconsin to promote asthma awareness, Green talked about his favorite super heroes, from Batman to Brett Favre.<p>

Green on being Brett Favre's teammate:

"I get asked that all the time," Green said. "It's an interesting experience. I had the opportunity to play with Warren Moon my rookie year in Seattle, so I've been fortunate in that way.":

Green said Favre's calm style of leadership is the real thing.

"Oh year, he stays pretty cool out there. But that's how you want it. You don't want someone who's tense all the time. You want to keep things as simpleas possible out there."

Green said Favre also sets a standard in on field chatter. "Once you get Brett going, he'll talk stuff. Every now and then I do, but you really have to get under my skin for me to do that."

And finally, his take on his nick-namesake, Batman; Green said he has a few ideas for casting the next sequel:

"Just like Sean Connery is the best James Bond, Michael Keaton is the best Batman. There's supposed to be another (Batman) coming out, so hopefully they'll have him do it again if he's not too old. If they want someone new, I'll be more than happy to do it."

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