Richardson Gets Key to Hometown

Vanderbilt's Sean Richardson, an undrafted free agent safety, is honored by his hometown of Linden, Ala.

Sean Richardson, a safety from Vanderbilt who the Green Bay Packers signed to an undrafted free agent contract on Saturday, was given the key to the city of his hometown of Linden, Ala., on Saturday.

"I was Sean's senior English teacher," Mayor Mitzi Gates wrote, "so I am doubly proud of his latest accomplishment, which is huge news in our fair city!"

Here is the text, courtesy of Gates.

Sean Richardson: Recognition for Extraordinary Academic and Athletic Achievement, as well as Exemplary Citizenship

WHEREAS Sean Richardson was enrolled in advanced curriculum classes at Linden High School where he graduated with honors in 2008; and,

Richardson and Mayor Gates
Photo courtesy Mitzi Gates
WHEREAS he was an honors student at LHS who also excelled as an outstanding Patriot athlete, lettering in football, basketball, and track; and,

WHEREAS his extraordinary Linden High School academic and athletic record garnered for him a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University, one of America's most prestigious institutions of higher learning – often referred to as "the Harvard of the South"; and,

WHEREAS he continued to challenge himself to excel academically and athletically at the college level – meeting and often exceeding his self-appointed academic and athletic goals; and,

WHEREAS his noteworthy SEC collegiate record of excellence as a Commodore in the position of safety often resulted in his being featured in Alabama's largest newspapers with statewide circulation; and,

WHEREAS his recognition in these newspapers, which always noted his hometown, brought honor not only to him but also to the City of Linden; and,

WHEREAS the culmination of his excellent SEC football career has resulted in his being drafted into the National Football League; and,

WHEREAS he is the first Linden High School Patriot to ever be drafted into the NFL; and,

WHEREAS his success in high school and college, as well as his future success in the NFL as a safety for the Green Bay Packers, sets him apart as a noteworthy and highly esteemed role model for Linden's youth; and,

WHEREAS the Mayor and Council of the City of Linden find in Seandre A. Richardson all of the characteristics of an exemplary citizen;

Be it therefore resolved that Sean Richardson has been awarded this day, April 28, 2012, a key to the City of Linden, and that, furthermore, his birthdate of January 21st shall hereafter be noted on Linden's calendar as Sean Richardson Day.

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