Green gives teammates good grades

Part three of a series<p> Ahman Green is only 26 years old, but already the star running back has earned the status of a respected veteran. From that vantage point, Green sizes up Packer newcomers and likes what he sees. He talked about his teammates and more during a recent visit to Southeastern Wisconsin to promote asthma awareness.<P>

Ahman Green on first round draft pick Nick Barnett:

"Nick Barnett is doing really well,"Green said. "In terms of speed, he has all that. He's a good sized linebacker and he's quick. He's a Brian Urlacher type.

"Hopefully, he's big enough where he'll be able to take on fullbacks coming at him. I know he's quick enough to get around them."

On the anticipated return of offensive linemen Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher from injury:

"That will be great. I hated to see them go. These guys have been performing since their rookie year, which is the same season I joined the team. We all came in together and we complement eachother very well.

"When those guys are in there, I don't need to worry about thinging too much. I just hit the holes," Green continued. "This offensive line is very underrated. It's made up of a bunch of guys that will do whatever it takes to help this team win."

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